Casino Online International

Things are getting interesting at Casino Online International for Slot and Keno players. Their 5 Progressive Slots and Keno game have combined jackpots of over GBP 500,000!

The 5 slots are Joe's Jackpot Slots, Pay Day Slots, Fruity Loot Slots, Haunted House Slots and Super 777 Slots. The progressive slot jackpots start at over GBP 52,000 for Fruity Loot Slots and go all the way up to over GBP 68,000 for Pay Day Slots. Keno is over GBP 163,000. All a player has to do is hit 'Max Bet' for any of the six games and they can win the jackpots!

In addition to these huge jackpots, Casino Online International continues to lead the pack of online casinos with over 90 games across 15 languages as well as weekly promotions to reward you for playing with them. Some of their recent promotions are free Super Bowl Tickets, Carnivals in Venice, a trip to Mexico, or a Caribbean Cruise.