What Is Auto Play All About In Online Slots?

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Whenever you visit an online slots website such as Bovada Casino, Drake Casino or the Lincoln Casino, you will soon notice that many of the slots games have an auto play feature. This article will help you understand more about it.

What does auto play mean?

Put simply, when you activate the auto play feature in a slots game on a site like Royal-Slots.com, you are letting the machine take over the game for you. You can sit and watch the reels continuing to spin, or you can go and do something else if you wish.

Does this work on free slots games as well as paid ones?

It does, but generally speaking you would use it on games you are actually wagering money on. When you play for free you are playing just for the entertainment value, so you wouldn't wander off and do something else and then come back.

Why would you want to use auto spin on games like Dr Love Slots or Monkey Slots?

If you always play the same amount of money on each spin and you never vary the number of lines you bet on, auto spin can make life easier for you.

For instance, it means you don't have to continually press the spin button to get the game to work. Instead it will go through the number of auto spins you have specified and stop when it gets to the end.

How many times does the machine spin for before stopping?

This depends on the game you are playing. For example the Royal Reels Slot Machine could turn out to be very different from the Freaky Fruits Game. If you want to use auto play, make sure you figure out how it works and how many spins are involved before activating it.

Some games have five or ten spins before stopping - you just have to press the appropriate button before they start.

What if you decide you don't want to use auto play any more?

Some games allow you to stop the feature before it gets to the end of its cycle. To do this you generally have to click somewhere on the screen and wait for them to stop.

So whether you are playing Free Spin slots, Lucky Seven slots, Freaky Fruit or even Royal Reels Casino Game, you should watch out for the auto spin feature. It could change the way you play.