What Does The Bodog Casino Offer To Newbies?

If you are new to playing at online casinos you should definitely take a look at the Bodog Casino. This is a nice clean looking casino that is very welcoming to newbies.

In fact there are several very good reasons why this could be the best place to download and play your first few casino games, whatever it is you like to play.

You can try the games out in practice mode before you play for real

This is a superb feature that not all online casinos use. But the Bodog one has two options for every game title you click on.

You will be asked whether you want to play for real or play in practice mode. If you choose the latter you will get a play balance to try out the game with. You can play for ages like this if you want to, so it gives you a good opportunity to see each game in action.

All the games have well written rules of play to read

When you access a particular game you will see a sentence or two about it underneath the game screen. Part of this sentence is a clickable link to the information about the game.

This link will open up a new window to tell you all the different aspects of how to play the game. The symbols, the bonus rounds and all other features will be mentioned here.

There is a casino school you can attend!

Yes, if you are in any doubt about how to play or what to do, the Casino School at Bodog is the place to go!

This school gives you guides to all the games, along with instructions on how to play for practice and for real money. As you can see this is an excellent addition to the site and one which beginners will no doubt find useful.

What will you like about the Bodog Casino?

This casino is very easy to join and play in for free. In fact the practice mode doesn't even require you to sign up - you can just go to the site and start playing for fun right there and then.

There is no doubt that the Bodog Casino is one of the best ones around today. Try it now and see which games you like the most. You may find you don't want to leave!