Silver Scarab Slots

If you are new to the world of playing online slots you may well benefit from having a nice simple game to start you off with. Some games can have so many reels and paylines it can be difficult to see what you are supposed to do first.

Luckily the Silver Scarab slots are ideal for newbies to the game. With three reels and just one payline there is plenty to focus on without being too overwhelming. So you will love it if you like simple games with great graphics and plenty of symbols in play. Join and start playing Silver Scarab Slots at Betway Casino.

Tips and advice for playing Silver Scarab Slots

You can play one, two or three coins on the single payline in this game. This means you can win bigger prizes if you are prepared to wager more on the payline. Always consult your budget before you do anything though.

What symbols do you need to be aware of?

Needless to say the Silver Scarab is the best symbol to watch out for. This is the name of the game after all, and you have the potential to win the two top prizes if these appear on the reels.

If you get three of the silver scarab beetles anywhere on your reels you can win up to 1,000 coins. If they all line up on the enabled payline you can win a maximum of 4,000 coins. With a maximum bet of $15 this could be a huge prize!

Is there a bonus round to play for?

No, Silver Scarab does not have a bonus round to play. The thing to remember here is that the game is built to be enticing but fairly basic, so it appeals to newer players and those who want a simple start to the world of online slots play.

Download and try out Silver Scarab slots today!

Playing your very first slots game can be a little nerve wracking at times. But luckily games like the Silver Scarab slots can make life a lot easier and more pleasurable. You can visit your favorite slots site now and open an account to get started. It never takes too long to do this.

Download and play the Silver Scarab slots game today and see whether you are able to bag the biggest prizes for finding three scarab beetles on your game screen! You could be in for a big win from the start.

Download and play Silver Scarab Slots