Ski Bunny Slots

What a perfect time to enjoy some winter themed slots! Microgaming has launched Ski Bunny Slots! There are seven different winning combinations available in this slot game. This game also has three reels and only one pay line. Ski Bunny Slots was released in the winter of 2009. Ski Bunny Slots offers a top jackpot of 500 coins and a second jackpot of 300 coins. This means a possible $5,000 for you! Play with coin values that start at a dime and go up to ten bucks but keep in mind that you can only wager one coin at a time which means that there is a ten dollar ceiling on all bets. All you have to do to win the top jackpot is get three Six Dice symbols on a pay line for the top wager of ten bucks. If you hit those symbols and were wagering a dime you would win only fifty bucks. Download and play Ski Bunny Slots now!

Lots of little hidden bonuses in this game

The symbols on the reels include a Bunny, a Melon, a Plum, a Bar, an Orange, a Lemon, and a Cherry. There are no wilds or scatters used in this game so expect a "what you see is what you get" type game play. Oddly enough, the symbols in this winter themed game are that of fruit. The symbols are very traditional to many slot games. There are some other extras to look forward to though like the Win Spin Video Reels Game and the Bonus Game on the Reels. Offered also are the Nudge Features, Hold Feature, Shifta, Feature, and the Let 'em Spin Feature. All of these features are available for your gaming convenience!

The difference between the two bonus games

The Win Spin Video Reels Game is found on the second screen and is triggered by any win on the regular slot game. The Bonus Game on the Reels is triggered by any random spin on the reels. This is where the Nudge Features, Hold Feature, Shifta, Feature, and Let 'em Spin Feature comes into play. These features are beneficial because the Hold features allow you to hold some symbols until the next spin while you respin the others. The 'Nudge' feature gives you a little peek at what's coming next.

Today is the day for you to play Ski Bunny Slots!