Cleo Queen of Egypt Slots

Cleo Queen of Egypt Slots

Cleo Queen of Egypt is one of the Cryptologic slots, part of a set of games that is based on the Crazy Jackpots. These 9 payline slots each have a jackpot with payouts starting at 40,000 coins. The maximum coin size in this game is $5 giving a maximum value of $200,000 and a minimum value of $2,000.

Right out of ancient Egypt, the reels are filled with the symbols of affluence from this past civilization. Cleopatra herself takes the title role and also features the golden bust of King Tut against mammoth dunes and pyramids.

The graphics are based on actual historical symbols with precise accuracy. This realistic portrayal makes this game a real enchanting slot to play as the days of old come back to life. Start playing Cleo today!

Optimize your game play

Unlike most progressive jackpot games you do not need to bet max to win a jackpot. The jackpot is paid out in coins and is relevant to your coin size. You can also play only one line at 5c a spin with a chance of hitting the jackpot relative to that line only. Enabling each payline is going to set you back one coin. They are activated in ascending order from line 1.

The jackpot combination is so rare that getting it pays out such a generous reward. Why risk having that combination appear on a payline that is not enabled? The best winning tip is to always activate each and every payline. In this game you can play all 9 paylines for as little as 45c. Since wins are all proportional to bets there are no extra bonuses for playing bigger coin sizes so you can place bets in line with what is most comfortable for you. At a maximum bet of $45 this game is more likely suited to low or medium rollers.

Other featured roles from Ancient Egypt include...

Amongst some regular face card symbols are other very realistic symbols from the Egyptian era. The Eye of Horus, globally recognizable despite the downfall of this powerful regime many centuries ago, the Ankh, a golden cross symbol with a loop at the top. Also included is the sphinx-like statue, the Anubis, resembling a dog with a golden collar. The death mask of King Tut, the second highest payer next to Cleo, also features as one of the top paying symbols. Cleo is of course one of the special symbols. She plays the wild which is the symbol that stands in place for any other. A minimum of 3 Cleo symbols will pay you out while 5 on the same enabled payline bursts the jackpot.

All symbols pay left to right except for the scatter, the scatter is the exception in most cases as it also cannot be substituted for by the wild. The scatter in this game is the pyramid, a snap-shot taken from the time of the pharaohs with a silhouetted camel in the foreground. The pyramid is also the trigger icon for the bonus round.

Can you decipher the ancient code?

The bonus round is started with 3 or more scattered pyramids placed anywhere on the reels and as you are plunged into the darkness of a pyramid the hieroglyphics appears on the walls in the form of 5 static reels. Selecting each ancient symbol reveals a prize but underneath one of them is a booby trap set especially for treasure hunters, so be careful! Once the trap is revealed the reels return.

The theme is realistic and magical and how can you resist playing these reels with the chance to win a jackpot 9 times on each spin? Though the Egyptians have long gone their legacy and riches lives on. The time is now and the winnings in pure abundance. Download the software to get your account today.