Casino Extreme No Deposit Bonus Codes

It's just about as easy as it could possibly be, thanks to the red button appearing on the home page. Wait though - if you don't see the $50 no deposit bonus deal offered on that page, wait for the screen to change. The welcome package is also advertised there, but there is a bonus code for the free chip, so you'll want to claim that before moving on to the welcome deal itself.

Which type of game are you going to try with your bonus code?

There are plenty at this casino to look through, and we think it is worth doing just that before you even claim your code and sign up. A quick scroll or swipe of the home page reveals the first few titles you could play. They provide the new games area to look through first, but you could also review the slots, video poker games, table games, or specialty games. There is also a section for progressive jackpot games, but we wouldn't recommend trying those with a bonus code. If you did win the jackpot, you likely wouldn't be able to claim it. Casinos would soon go out of business if they allowed players to scoop huge wins like these with a bonus code and no deposit required.

Try a demo and see what you think first

Even when you've got your bonus code or free chip ready to play with, you should check out a demo or two before deciding which games are deserving of your freebie. It only lasts so long, so minimizing the size of your bet and selecting one or two games you'd really like to try is of paramount importance.

One of the best ways to max out any free play code is to try the newest games. Since Casino Extreme is powered by software from Real Time Gaming, you can be sure their newest games are going to crop up there - usually on the home page. Once you have found something you like that would suit playing for a longer session, you can devote some or all your free chip to it.

See if you can spot a no deposit bonus code or new game at Casino Extreme today. How far could that chip take you?