Desert Dreams Slots

Cryptologic captures the magic of Egypt and the reality of the hard work that went into creating mammoth symbols of wealth and immortality in this 20 line video slot. In the distance you can see the sun setting on the pyramids with miles and miles of sand and dunes making for a unique landscape while modern day thieves and archaeologists race against each other to find lost and forgotten treasures of an ancient and extinct civilisation. This intriguing game has a total of 32 winning combinations and a top fixed jackpot of as much as $20 000. Join and start playing Desert Dreams Slots now or keep reading our review.

Tips from the archaeologist's handbook

Set your sights on the free spins that can be re-triggered. These spins are your very best bet to having a good go at this slot. Start off on the minimum bet being sure to cover all paylines. The coin size starts off at 1c so keep hitting the game at 20c per spin. The lower the bet, the more spins you can buy and with more spins at your disposal the better your chances of getting that much sought after combination that sets off the free games.

Once you have managed to make some cash from the free spins increase the bet slightly. Though it may seem that you are betting your money quickly the wins will be coming in just as fast. Keep adjusting the value of the coin, keeping all lines enabled, as your balance fluctuates with a maximum of $100 to play per click.

Preparation is the name of the game

Create winning combination by using all the tools that you will need to make a success of such a journey. Remembering to take with you the pick axe, shovel and your spot on compass, you will also need a native helper and some local currency to get you by in this foreign land. The wild symbol is The Explorer closely analyzing his find with a glint in his eye. He will play the substitute for any of the other symbols, converting almost wins into a real win.

The sarcophagus, recognizable as being the gold and blue striped Egyptian head, is the scatter. Instead of paying a set win the scatter pays a multiplication of your bet. Three scatters can pay you 5 times your bet while 5 sarcophagi can give you 100 times your wager. At a max bet of $100 this is $10 000! They are also different in that they do not need to be on the same payline to come into effect, they just need to be on the screen at the same time.

Dreaming of treasures

Free spins are the way to riches and all you need to get this hugely satisfying reward is to land at least 3 scatters on your screen at the same time. Not only are you paid out a minimum of 5 times your bet but you are also given 10 free shots at even more cash. While in the free spins mode you are able to get even more free spins should the scatters continue to come up, but the real bonus is that all wins are automatically tripled. What treasures wait within the labyrinths of the old pyramids and Egyptian relics?

There is no telling the fortune that can be made by following your instincts and getting your slots hat on. This is a game for the tomb raider at heart. Join to one of our reviewed casinos: InterCasino, Betsson, 888 Casino and Bet365 Casino and open an account to get your spade in the treasure hunt.