With the decline of the NETeller payment processor in the grand scheme of things, a number of people have been looking towards other payment processors in order to help facilitate their participation within the online gambling market. There are so many different ways in which online gambling has been dogged by the various world governments in recent times that payment processors have become very difficult to find on a reliable basis; especially new ones that seem to promise the moon and the stars to all of their new customers. Usemywallet happens to be one of these new payment processors but what has struck a number of different people about that specific processor is how reliable it seems to be.

The first thing that a lot of people like about Usemywallet is the fact that they categorically state that they will allow residents of the United States to use their payment processing facilities. To players that have had different payment processors coldly abandon them and prevent them from enjoying their hobbies, this categorical acceptance is something that is very important indeed.

List of Casinos that offer safe withdrawal and deposit method - Usemywallet

One of the major drawbacks of Usemywallet at the current moment in time is that there are a lot of casinos that do not yet accept it as a legitimate payment processor. This has nothing to do with the processor itself and everything to do with the fact that most casinos and poker rooms in general are very slow to accept new ways to deposit money into their rooms. However, there are also a lot of casinos that have accepted Usemywallet and these are casinos that have a lot of happy and grateful American customers constantly returning to them for repeat business.

Different ways to deposit or to withdraw funds from your Usemywallet account

Usemywallet has a number of different currencies that they will let you deposit in and indeed a number of different ways in which you can deposit funds into the Usemywallet account; everything from credit card to money transfers are accepted. In terms of withdrawing money from your Usemywallet account, the only way to currently do it is through wire transfer and while many people might be put off from that, it is worth pointing out that wire transfers were also the most popular way to withdraw money from NETeller when that payment processor was at the height of its popularity.

In terms of depositing money into a casino account from your Usemywallet account, nothing could possibly be easier. All you need to do is simply look for the Usemywallet logo and click on that logo (or select the name from a drop down list depending on the cashier system being employed by your online poker or casino site of choice) in order to get the process started on your transfer. Withdrawals work exactly the same way and are quite easy to do once you have gone through the first round of depositing and withdrawing money.

To conclude, Usemywallet is definitely an interesting new addition to the field of payment processors and hopefully it will be one that is here to stay. If it is able to expand to more casinos and poker websites then you might even see it fill the void that has existed in the American gambling world ever since the departure of NETeller.