Sizzling Scorpions Slots

What do the Lone Ranger, buzzards and desert scorpions have in common? The Sizzling Scorpions slot game, of course!

Get ready to be thrilled by Sizzling Scorpions, a scintillating, simple to play slot game with adorable scorpions ready to take you on a sunny journey filled with fun and fantastic rewards and a bonus round featuring the Lone Ranger (or William Tell) theme. This entertaining three-reel single pay line game with cute, colorful graphics has wonderful bonus features and high payouts which are appealing to players at every skill level. The wonderful thing about this game is that it is extremely easy to play, with extremely user-friendly software, and yet has the potential to bring you extraordinary winnings. Download and start playing at Sizzling Scorpions Slots

Sizzling hot winning strategies

Sizzling Scorpions is actually a very simple game, with no wild or scatter symbols, neither does it have multipliers, however, its appeal is that it gives players from every skill level the opportunity to receive very high payouts. This three-reel game consists of lucky sevens and a blend of standard bars ranging from traditional to new, together with a hot, bright sun and smiling, jolly scorpion graphics and imagery. The more adventurous players who dare to place the highest bets will significantly boost their chances of winning the highest awards and payouts. Although the maximum coin value of this slot game is 0.50, the benefits of placing the maximum three coin bet will undoubtedly compensate for its value limitations.

Small wins big

Players continually placing bets for the highest amount (which may seem risky, but is actually only $1.50) will surely reap the highest rewards and bonuses offered by the game. If you were to compare the wage with the payout, the risks are in fact very low. For instance, a simple bet of $1.50 can bring you the highest award of 5,000 coins, which gives you the potential to easily win a jackpot of $2,500. Even though these small bets do not have very high payouts, most players will enjoy this entertaining game which is not rife with the confusing rules and symbols that characterize other more complex games.

Buzzards with benefits

Sizzling Scorpions does not have any wild symbols, although if a smirking buzzard appears on reel number three in the pay line after a spin with a maximum bet, the bonus feature will be triggered. At this stage, a bold attitude and risk-taking can bring you huge payouts. You will need to place the maximum three-coin bet in order to activate this feature, but what is $1.50 when you compare it with the tremendous potential bonus value you can win?

Racy rewards

Once the buzzard is revealed, this will open up the screen for a super scorpion race! You will need to choose one scorpion out of a line-up of three to compete against each other in a race set against a charming desert backdrop. The player will be rewarded just for making it to the bonus round, which is in fact the best feature of this round of the game!

With the melodious strains of the Lone Ranger theme music playing in the background, and watched by a large crowd of interesting desert creatures, the scorpions start their race. If your scorpion wins the race, you will receive a 100-coin jackpot, while second place will win you a 50-coin prize and third place will win you 30 coins. This is another feature of the game that thrills many players, as it adds another dimension of fun to what is essentially a traditional slot game.

Right now, all you need to do to start to play is take three simple steps: download the free casino software, register and then claim your funds, as well as a bonus free play of one hour.

So go on, put an end to your boredom! Your cute, funny scorpion friends are waiting to play with you.