Rock the Boat Slots

Elvis rocked everything including the boat and in this game he will be rocking you all the way to the top of the pops so get ready to be all shook up to the beats of one of Microgaming's classic slots. The symbolism across the three reels is traditional pub Fruit Slots but take one glance and you will find everything including the paytable on a single page, the colors are bright and attractive, the game is easy to play and understand. How can you go wrong?

Everybody come aboard!

The paytable is the key to playing this game. There are 2 coins that can be played on the single payline. The payouts are doubled when the bet is doubled and there is no additional bonus for playing the max bet even if you do get three wilds along the central payline. You can easily play Elvis by placing a single coin on the line at any denomination you choose. The larger the bets, the larger the wins and with a bigger bank roll you can allow your balance to drop quickly knowing the kind of recovery that will be made once you hit the big time.

Since there is no bonus round, there is no need to stretch your bank roll. Each and every spin has the possibility of landing you in the dough. Spins can start off costing you 25c each but at a max bet it is only $20.

Dance to the jailhouse rock with Elvis and the crew

Three reels is a major advantage because suddenly you only need three of a kind to pay out the big bucks. Your top payer is Elvis himself who is the wild. He plays the substitute symbol as well as the jackpot symbol. Fill the payline with the king and reap the rewards of $8,000 in cool hard cash. Old generous Elvis, he multiplies the wins when he completes a paying combination. One wild multiplies the bet by two and 2 wilds quadruples the profits. The candy striped lighthouse is the second most valued symbol as it shines its light onto the king pouring his soul out to the jail house rock with each win. His guitar features along with single, double and triple BAR's.

Elvis's soulful sultry voice will penetrate your thoughts as you play the game. Come and give it a spin and remind yourself that it is the simple things in life that count! Download and open an account to enjoy the magic.