The Gee Gees Slots

Gamblers that love humor and irreverence in their slot games will definitely want to try out Gee Gees Slots. Considered an AWP or amusement with prize slot game, this one payline three reel slot has more action than some of the multi-reel, multi-payline slots. While a bit of a thinking person's slot game, Gee Gees Slots feature 70's style disco music, think Bee Gees, and a really cool disco board game that comes up as the bonus game sequence. Flashing lights, music and good fun make this a terrific slot machine for any level of player.

Playing The Gee Gees Slot

Unlike many single payline three reel slots this game provides players the opportunity to interact with the game and even help their winning chances. Like all slots the player first selects the amount of the bet per spin and then hits the spin button. The winning line is the center position on the three reels and it is clearly marked. The paytable surrounds the reels, with flashing lights to help you keep track of your winnings. This paytable forms a trail, which player's progress through to earn additional winnings in the bonus rounds.

Traditional Symbols Signal A Win

Like most three reel slots the symbols in the Gee Gees Slots are all traditional fruit type symbols with a few additions. Of course single, double and triple bars are there, but so are 7's, cherries, horse shoes, watermelons and disco balls. Disco balls trigger a huge 2000 times payout while even mixed sevens will provide you with 2 times your winnings. Symbols on the winning line automatically advance you on the trail, with the light display letting you know exactly where you are headed and how fast you will get to the bonus game. Hitting the bonus on the trail also allows you to click the spin button and earn a prize feature that is displayed above the reels of the game.

Happy Horses For Extra Winnings

When you win the horses will neigh and you will be immediately taken into the bonus game screen. This is a large disco floor with a number in a reel in the center, 70's music playing in the background to complete the atmosphere. You simply hit the spin button to earn different prizes as per the spins. You can keep playing the game as long as you can earning, cash, nudges, features and mystery prizes. However, if you do click at the wrong time you can lose your prizes won in the bonus round and be transported back to the reels.

Great Fun And Excitement

Since you can hold a particular reel, nudge to see what you might win and constantly earn prizes on the disco floor game board this is a fun and entertaining game. Definitely not what most people have come to expect from a one payline three reel slot this Microgaming addition is a slot you will quickly add to your favorites. The game can be played for free in demo version but once you get started you will want to download and start playing for real cash.