Roman Riches Slots

Travel to ancient civilizationsplaying Roman Riches slots. Features of this popular 3-reel, 5-payline slot game include a Julius Caesar wild and a top prize of 5,000 coins. With Microgaming programming, this is an online slot machine that delivers a classic slot gaming experience with a little more of a punch.

Roman Riches slots is suitable for beginners and pros. Because you have five paylines, you stand a better chance at winning. Plus, you have full control of how much or how little you bet each time you spin the reels.

Tips for Playing Roman Riches Slots

Start your game of Roman Riches by placing your wager. First, decide on the coin value. You can choose a minimum value of 25 cents or go for broke and set it for the maximum $20. Next, you can choose how many coins, one to five, you wish to bet on the five paylines. You can adjust your bets to suit your current casino wallet as often as you wish.

Once you've decided on a bet that makes you comfortable, spin the reels. Standard electronic sounds signify when the reels are in motion, they click when each reel stops and you hear chimes and jingling coins when you have a win.

Roman Riches Paytable Breakdown

The paytable for Roman Riches slots appears on the screen at all times. You'll always have access to the combinations you need for cash winnings. At the bottom of the prize tier, three bars (single bars, double bars or triple bars) leads to winnings of four coins. You'll get higher prizes (10 to 60 coins) if you get the same size bar symbol across a payline.

The seven symbol pays out 80 coins if you get three on a payline. For the largest prizes, you want to see the head of Julius Caesar. Three of his golden heads is worth anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 coins. The winnings depend on where the Caesar head is located. If the golden Julius Caesar head appears in a straight line in the center payline, you'll win 1,000 coins. Filling the board diagonally from bottom left to top right leads to the 5,000 coin jackpot. Placement of the heads dictates exactly how much you'll win, but even the lower prize of 1,000 coins is pretty impressive for a three-reel online slot machine.

Choose a Microgaming Online Casino

Roman Riches slots is only offered at Microgaming online casinos. Before you play Roman Riches slots, make sure you check current promotional offers. Many online casinos feature free no-deposit bonuses that hand you free cash just for trying the casino. You'll also find special bonuses on certain days and welcome bonuses that pile money into your casino account when you make your first deposit.