Royal Sevens Slots

With 1-payline and 3-reels Microgaming's Royal Sevens slots excites fans of classic slot machines. The slot game captures realistic slot machine sounds, including the clicking reel as it spins. When you win, lights flash and the chimes and metallic sounds of coins accompany the lights. When you play Royal Sevens slots, you discover the excitement that comes from online slots.

Basic Rules to Playing Royal Sevens Slots

The first step to playing Royal Sevens slots is to make your wager. You can bet one to three coins. All coins can have a value of $1 to $20, so you choose how much you want to risk. The flexibility makes it extremely suitable for beginners who don't want to risk a lot of cash. Once you've chosen the number of coins to wager, click spin and set the reels in motion.

Royal Sevens slots is very easy to play and can be rewarding with the right wager. Just remember that to win the biggest prizes, you must wager three coins. If you don't want to risk a lot of cash, simply set the coin value to $1, bet all three coins, and you'll only risk $3 per spin. Winning combinations come fast and furious, so it's unlikely you'll spend time playing the slot game and walk away without winning anything.

Win Up to $100,000 Playing Royal Sevens Slots

Royal Sevens slots is a fruit and bar themed game. The amount you win is dependent on how many coins you bet. Get at least one cherry symbol in the payline and you'll win 2 to 6 coins depending on your wager. Bars provide higher winnings of 50 to 450 coins. The seven symbol leads to the largest payouts of 1,000 to 5,000 coins. There is a paytable shown on the main screen, so access to the different prize tiers is always visible during the game.

The smallest possible prize on Royal Sevens slots is 2 coins and occurs when you bet only one coin and land one cherry. However, you can win 5,000 coins if you bet all three coins and land three seven symbols. If you've selected $20 as your coin value, you can walk away with $100,000.

Play Royal Sevens Slots

Head to your favorite Microgaming casino and enjoy the classic slot machine feel when you play Royal Sevens slots. Game play is simple and you have the chance to win a huge flood of cash. Don't miss out on lucrative welcome bonuses when you sign up. Many Microgaming casinos offer to double your initial deposit. Others offer bonus rewards if you use an alternative payment form.