Rags to Riches Slots

Cryptologic has decided to keep the winnings big and the game simple with their one payline progressive slot, Rag to Riches. With only 8 possible winning combinations you cannot go wrong as you invest your hard earned pennies to become an instant millionaire.

The game itself is depicts as a typical progressive slot found at a land based casino where the ticker rolls over in large red numbers as each coin contributes to the pot. The screen is divided in half by this massive ticker with the bottom half dedicated to the three reel slot and the top has half a wheel with a pointer. The wheel has been divided up and each segment contains a prize amount.

Each time the jackpot is won it is reset to a sizable $100 000, making this game perfect to play to matter which stage of growth the jackpot is in. The jackpot can burst at any time but the larger it gets the better your chances of winning a delightful packet of cash.

Just follow the rules and you can't go wrong

There is only one line to worry about and only one coin value of $1 but you can increase your bet by playing as many as 3 coins on that single line. The arrow on the left of the reel adjusts this setting rather easily. The main point to playing this game is the delectable top prize. The only way to win this prize is to place max bet of $3 on each spin, anything less and the slot loses its excitement. The jackpot cannot be won on the reels at all. The bonus game is the key to winning the jackpot so your first step is to play as many spins as possible to get as many chances on the wheel of fortune as you can.

Symbols are simple, all you need is three

As a one line slot with only 8 paying combinations there are very few symbols to worry about. With your attention constantly drifting towards the semi protruding wheel at the top you can't help but hope for a full reel of Rags to Riches symbols which will switch game play from the reels to the wheel.

Other symbols are BAR symbols coming in both green and red. There is a brindle stick which is used by tramps to hoist all their belongings tied up in a sack over their shoulder and on the other end of the spectrum there is the top hat worn by the wealthy at fancy parties.

Wheel of fortune here we come, ready or not

The bonus game is triggered by a full set of three Rags to Riches symbols on the payline below. As soon as you hit this combination the wheel above the reels begins to spin, no need for you to click or select or adjust anything. The prizes on the wheel start from $10 and go right up to the ever increasing progressive jackpot. And as the wheel slows down to a stop the arrow in the center points upwards to the prize and with just one segment devoted to the jackpot, the heart rate can take some extra strain at this stage.

Winning fever

Looking for a simple game full of adrenaline, speed and exhilaration? This is the game for you where for just $3 you can win the minimum of $100 000. With this jackpot having been at an all time high of over $400 000 there is no time like the present to get into the spinning fever. Get your account at InterCasino to get stated.