Does the size of the biggest prize matter in slots?

There are lots of ways to select a slots game to play when you visit the likes of the Lincoln Casino, the Liberty Slots Casino or anywhere else online. You could look for a theme you like, a slots game with lots of paylines or perhaps even one that packs in some bonus rounds too.

But it is probably likely that you will look for one that has a major prize on offer as well.

The excitement of having a big jackpot to shoot for

There is no doubt that having a large jackpot on offer - perhaps a progressive one for example - adds to the excitement. In the case of a progressive one you just never know when it will be won, or if you could be the lucky winner.

The top prize in any slots game is good to try and win too, because you wonder what it would be like to get lucky and successfully win it. It certainly adds to the fun!

The importance of looking for other prizes as well

Remember though that the biggest prize is not necessarily the most important one. Yes you could win many thousands of dollars on some slots games, but what are the odds of you doing so?

This is why you need to keep your perspective. Look for slots games that offer plenty of smaller prizes alongside the bigger ones. The odds are that you will win the smaller prizes far more often, so they should be worth shooting for.

What matters most - the small prizes or the big ones?

There is no doubt that we get drawn in by the lure of bigger prizes on slots like Freaky Fruit slots. But if we fail to win much at all on those games, we aren't likely to stay for very long at all.

This is why the smallest prizes of all are just as important as the biggest ones. We'd all love to think we shall be lucky enough to win the jackpot one day, but the odds of doing so are far less than they are for winning lots of regular but smaller prizes.

So yes, the size of that major jackpot can certainly draw us in - but the smaller prizes are the ones that could keep us playing for longer in the end. If you find a great slots game you are happy to play, you'll love every minute of it!