Immediate Deposit

For US players, there was a long stretch of time where depositing fund methods left little to be desired. Even withdrawals became a problem when banks no longer honored credit card withdrawals. Well, attention all US slot players because now you have a fabulous payment option to meet your immediate deposit needs.

Prepaid Gift Card Option

US players can now fund their casino accounts using a prepaid gift card. Let's face it, this is the one method we have all used from time to time, whether it was purchased as a gift for family and friends during the holidays, or received as a gift from co-workers; it is the most secure way to handle transactions online today.

Bonus Payouts Using Prepaid Gift Card Options

The main benefit in using the prepaid gift card option to fund your casino account is that you will receive a bonus up to $600 on the first deposit, and 10% on all subsequent deposits using the prepaid card. What a fantastic way for US players to not only fund their casino accounts but to be able to join US casinos offering this immediate deposit option.

What Casinos Accept the Prepaid Gift Card?

There are 10 US casinos accepting the prepaid gift card in answer to US players' immediate deposit needs.

Now is the time for all slot players to join US casinos accepting prepaid gift cards! There is no need to be uneasy about payment options any longer, because these US casinos will meet your immediate deposit needs!