Computer Rage Slots

In the age of computers our reliance on these machines triggers bouts of frustration while we struggle with the temperaments of inanimate objects, downtime and fluctuating performances. The pressure of work and unsympathetic boss's doesn't seem to help the situation much either! Computer rage brings with it a sense of de-ja-vu. Shattered computers may have only been vivid in your imagination, now they are as true to life on these very reels.

Beat the computer at its own game

Your best bet is to play all 25 paylines. Each paylines is spread across the 5 reels and consists of a symbol in each reel. When winning combinations fall along these predetermined paylines you are paid out in accordance with your coin size. Though some popular slot machines allow you to bet multiple coins per line Computer Rage sticks to one coin per line and adjusting the bet size is a matter of changing the coin's value.

The coin size range varies from 1c right up to $20. What this means is that a player can bet from 25c per spin on all lines right up to $500 with each mouse click. This wide range makes the game ideal for just about anybody.

The jackpot of 5,000 coins is paid out based on your coin value so betting the maximum is only a way to bet more and win faster. If you enjoy a slow game then you lose nothing by betting the lowest coin value on each payline, instead you gain extra time on the reels and spreading your bank roll over a larger amount of spins.

The many images of a heavy day at work

Set against the backdrop of a typical office environment with cubicles and a clock on the wall that never seems to tick over to the end of the day, the reels are full of other symbols from a day at the office. The demanding, finger pointing boss is the wild symbol. Not only does 5 of a kind on the same payline dish out the jackpot but he can also appear to help you complete winning combinations.

The scatter symbol is the shattered red screened computer. This icon also has its own payout schedule but 3 or more scattered across the screen sends you to the bonus feature. All of the graphic symbols, with the exception of the clearly frustrated girl, pay out when even 2 of a kind appear on the same payline while you need 3 of a kind of the lower value face card symbols to pay for a win.

It's not just luck when the computers are all working, it is a bonus!

2 features in one great game, enough to beat the frustration out of you at least for today! The Smashed Computer Feature is triggered by none other than 3 smashed computers scattered anywhere on the screen at the same time. The dull Grey of 6 office cubicles are presented to you along with a hammer of monstrous proportions. Each red screen has error imprinted annoyingly across it. When you have held back on the temptation to destroy company property this is now your time to reap the rewards of the consequences! Smash any 3 of the computers and behind each is a prize which is added to your balance when you return to the reels.

There is a built in bonus game that is set to trigger off when the boss appears on reel 1 and at the same time the girl can be found on reel 5. This time, instead of smashing non-responsive computers you get to toss them out of a window. Out of the 10 windows, select 5. Not all windows are 'open' so a computer will only be pushed out of the correctly chosen windows. Each destroyed computer pays out a reward.

Now is the time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the business day and use your computer for purposes other than the drudgery of work. Relaxation and entertainment are just part of the bonuses and gains when playing this game. Playing Computer Rage Slots pays better than overtime! All you have to do is download Cryptologic casino software, open an account and play.