Big Online Slot Win

Bovada Casino

Over the past month there have been multiple stories of online slot players winning giant payouts. This not only fuels the online slot industry, but also shows current online slot players that large payouts are possible and lately, not as rare as one might think.

One of the largest wins that have recently been reported happened at Bovada Casino online. During a typical online slot gaming session on January 10th, a Bovada Casino player won a giant prize playing Strike Gold Slots. The player ended up with a $155,000 payout.

How A Player Won $155,000 At Bovada Casino

When other players here news such as this, they often wonder what technique the winner used in order to win such a grandiose payout. In this case, the player wagered two $0.50 coins (a total of a $1.00 bet). When the reels stopped, the player had landed three game logo symbols, across the game's only payline. This triggered the biggest payout the game offers, which is the progressive jackpot.

Part of the big win came because the player bet two coins instead of just one. Had she bet only one, she would've only won a 2,000 coin payout. This is a prime example of why online slot experts encourage players to bet the max bet on every spin. As far as technique, the fact she bet two coins is probably the biggest takeaway from this winning situation.

What Is Strike Gold Slots: Bovada Casino

Strike Gold Slots at Bovada Casino is a 3 reel, 1 payline online slot game. It comes with a theme where players are searching for gold, just like people did in the Wild West and the great Gold Rush. It's a simple and classic slot, which is not always appealing to today's online casino players. With modern slots offering tons of bells and whistles, simple slots can sometimes get forgotten or lost in the mix of bright lights and fancy features. However, these slots can also rack up giant progressive jackpots, since fewer people are playing them. Although the progressive jackpot win did cause the Strike Gold Slots jackpot to reset, Bovada Casino has other slot games with giant progressive jackpots currently waiting to be won.

What We Can Learn From This Big Online Slot Win

There are a few things we can learn from a win such as this one. First, always try to bet the max bet when at all possible. Secondly, look for slots with high progressive jackpots. Third, cross your fingers and spin!