Bulls and Bears Slots - Money, Stocks and Wall Street

The name Bulls and Bears might throw you off a bit for what this slot game is about. This slot game is all about money, stocks and Wall Street. This brand new five reel and 25 pay line slot game is a blast to play! There are two different jackpots associated with Bulls and Bears slots. There is a minor and a major jackpot. The major jackpot will never be less than $1,000 and the minor jackpot will never be lower than $250. Both are randomly awarded at the conclusion of any game.

Bulls & Bears Symbols

The symbols in Bulls and Bears slots include the Bull, the Bear, Stock Certificates, Gold, Cars, Safes, Money, and some of the Wall Street usual's. The Bull and Bear are the wild Symbols in this slot game. You will find the Bull on reel two exclusively and it will substitute for all other symbols including the Scatter. The Bear can only be found on reel four and will also substitute for all symbols including the scatter. This is just the beginning of how this slot game is different. Use only one of the wilds in a winning combination and double your prize but if you get two then your prize is multiplied by four. The scatter symbol used in Bulls and Bears slots is the Chart. This is the symbol that takes you to the Free Spins Bonus Round.

Free Spins Bonus Round

If you get at least three of the scatter symbols it will trigger the free spins bonus round. Here, you will receive as few as five free games or as many as 15 free spins. These free spins all come with a triple multiplier. All you have to do is choose the bull or the bear and if the one that you chose shows up during your free spins then you receive an extra free game.

Extra Goodies

The Feature Guarantee is available when you play Bulls & Bears slots. This is a guarantee for every 100 spins provided that you do not hit the Buy-Sell Free Games Feature on your own. This offers a little consolation to players. Another attractive feature that is available in this game is the Auto Play feature. This feature means that with the simple press of a button the reels will spin on their own until you designate them to stop.

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