Mr Vegas Slots

Another standout Betsoft game in the free playable online games that can also be played for cash at Drake Casino, Mr. Vegas Slots is a 3D remake of the real Las Vegas experience at the poker table. This 5 reel, 30 payline slot game has the progressive jackpot feature, Free Spin and up to $7500 in cash that could end up in your pockets. And of course; Betsoft's software engineers didn't forget the lively, Vegas showgirls that you'll find you can't easily turn your head away from throughout the game. As the rich playboy Mr. Vegas, you are used to the highlife of flitting around town with the hottest babes on your arm and in your new ride; however, you need a way to keep that bankroll unfurling - and what better way for a skilled and seasoned poker player like you are to do so than to ply your skills at the table?

Mr. Vegas Slots Quick Overview

With glistening champagne bottles, and Vegas-themed roulette wheels, cards and show stopping showgirls as symbols, Mr. Vegas Slots is played by giving the wheel a turn to discover the number of spins you'll have for the round. The dice will show up on reels 1-3, with the lucky number that shows up telling you how many times you'll get to test fate for that go-around. Get doubles, and you're rewarded with a multiplier that kicks in during the free spins the game offers; however, unlike most other slot games, this isn't a one-shot deal and can keep on happening, increasing your chances at lining your pockets with real cash. A minimum of 3 slot machine symbols will yield en embedded game-within-a-game with the mini-slots feature, and the coveted Money Wheel Jackpot may be just around the corner.

The free spins feature can be tapped into with the mini-slots appearing, as mentioned above, after 3 or more slot machines show up on the reels. This mini-slot has just a single payline, takes center stage and allows you your free spins for winnings on top of what you get from the traditional Mr. Vegas Slots game.

Mr. Vegas Wants the Money Wheel

As the center of attention that he's used to being, it is only fitting that Mr. Vegas should have his own special combination. If you can land his grinning visage on odd-numbered reels from 1 to 5, then yet another bonus game will commence; this time you'll have luck in the form of the ladies who enter the golden room with him to play roulette.

What you really want is the Money wheel in Mr. Vegas Slots. If you land this symbol across all 5 reels over the other symbols in the game, then the Money Wheel Feature becomes a reality and showers you with more bonus rounds, of course money, free spins and the progressive jackpot - a sort of tiered money winning bundle that depends on your initial investment when playing Mr. Vegas slots for cash. You can opt for a minimum bet at the beginning of one cent, or a maximum of 50 cents per payline. Stop on over at Drake Casino to try your hand at Mr. Vegas Slots, and get a feel for what the island desert oasis has to offer in a real-life simulation.