Big Win at Cafe Casino

The online casino community is buzzing from massive online slot game wins in late 2023 and early 2024. However, it's not only online slot games that are paying out big lately, it seems. Most online casinos also offer table games, video poker and specialty games. Recently, one of those specialty games made a player a very happy person for the New Year.

Player Wins $150K From Keno: Café Casino

Not long after ringing in the New Year, a Café Casino player from Florida took home a giant payday after playing Keno Draw. This game can be found in the online casino's specialty games area of their website.

How Did A Player Win $150K From Keno At Café Casino?

In this particular situation, Filippo M. from Florida wagered $1 for a Keno Draw round. Players can wager anything from $0.01 to $10. A player is qualified for a payout if they land zero numbers or if they land more than six numbers. If they get 14 or 15 numbers correctly, they can get top payouts. For this situation, the payouts would have been $1,000 if Filippo M. had wagered $0.01, $25,000 for a wager of $0.25, $100,000 for a wager of 1.00, $500,000 for a wager of $5, and $1 million for a wager of $10 for the round.

While the player was certainly excited about his big win, if he had taken the advice of most online casino experts and wagered the max bet amount, he could have taken home $1 million. This is a prime example of why betting that top bet can be so important when you're playing casino games. Of course, not everyone can afford to do that and thus, even a $155,000 win is something to be joyful about.

How Players Win Big Without Progressive Jackpots

Winning a giant payout without playing a game that includes a progressive jackpot can be quite tricky. Most giant online casino wins do come from players who have gotten fortunate enough to cash in on a wildly large progressive. However, with Keno a progressive isn't always needed, as one can see in this specific case.

Keno Draw at Café Casino has a new updated version that allows players to customize the colors, offers a relaxing soundtrack, and gives them the choice to use their favorite numbers. The best new feature is the mobile option, which allows players to play from any mobile device, from any location.