YouWager Casino

For those online gamblers who love sports betting, YouWager Casino is a one-stop shop that meets any bettor’s needs. With options for live betting, YouWager Casino is a very thrilling way to place online sports bets. In addition to sports betting, YouWager Casino also offers a multitude of online slot games, online casino table games, video poker, and live dealer games (blackjack, baccarat, roulette).

YouWager Casino Offers Betting On 11 Different Sports

Some online betting fans have one particular sport they prefer to bet upon, however, there are also fans who like to try their hand at betting on multiple different sports. YouWager Casino offers online sports betting on 11 different sports including football, baseball, basketball, MMA, eSports, horse racing, golf, boxing, soccer, rugby, and motor racing. Of course, the online casino only shows options of each sport that is currently in season. So, if a sport isn’t showing up in the YouWager Casino platform, it’s likely that sport’s season is not currently in session. While other online sports betting sites may include a few that YouWager Casino does not, there are unique perks to using YouWager, such as the ability to place wagers on motor racing. Motor racing isn’t a sport that may online sports betting sites take wagers upon. In addition, not many online sports betting sites take wagers on eSports. However, YouWager Casino certainly does.

Easy To Use Betting Interface At YouWager Casino

Many online betting sites are quite complicated to navigate, but YouWager Casino has a very easy to use interface. This allows both new and veteran online bettors to be able to easy find the games they’d like to wager on. Visitors to the site can easily sort through the wagering options by type, such as straight bets, teasers, and parlays.

Banking Options At YouWager Casino

YouWager doesn’t offer a grand array of banking options, but that being said, what they do offer are solid options that offer security and efficiency. Players can deposit money via Bitcoin, credit card, cash, or bank wire. Withdrawals can be made via money transfer (minimum $100, maximum $450, limit of one withdrawal every seven days, fees apply), paper check (minimum $500, maximum $3,000, limit of three withdrawals every seven days, $35 fee), and Bitcoin (minimum $100, maximum $1,000, limit of three withdrawals every seven days, no fee).

From Match Bonuses To Cash Back Programs YouWager Casino Treats Players Right

One thing YouWager does have going for it in a major way is their generous bonuses and promotions they offer their players.

Welcome Package: New players can enjoy a 50% match deposit bonus on their first deposit, for up to $300 in free casino cash.

Bitcoin Welcome Package: Players who make their first deposit with Bitcoin can enjoy a 60% match deposit bonus (maximum of $300 in free matched cash).

15% Reload Bonus: When a player is ready to reload their account at YouWager Casino, they can enjoy a 15% match deposit bonus on all deposits up to $500. For example, if a player deposits $500, they’ll get $75 in free casino cash.

20% Reload Bonus: Players who want to reload more than $500 into their YouWager Casino account can enjoy the 20% reload bonus.

Cash Back Program: Losing can be quite frustrating and YouWager Casino wants their players to feel less frustration by offering a cash back program. Players can earn up to 25% cash back two different times a year on their losses. A player can qualify for a15% cash back by making at least $500 in deposits over their membership lifetime and at least 10 weeks of action. A player can qualify for a 25% cash back by making at least $1,000 in deposits over their membership lifetime and having at least 10 weeks of action. The bonuses are typically given after the Super Bowl and then again around the first of August.

Refer A Friend Bonus: If players refer their friends to YouWager Casino, they can earn up to $500. This works by giving the player a 50% bonus of their friend’s first $200 deposit, as well as 20% of all bonuses above $200, with a limit of total bonus payout being $500. There are a few requirements for this to work effectively, such as the fact that the friend must give the name and account number of the person who referred them to YouWager when they originally sign up. Secondly, the bonuses aren’t paid until the new member is active for 30 days, unless they’ve lost all of their money before that 30 days.

Monday Night Football Contests: This exciting contest gives players the chance to win $5,000 each Monday during the regular NFL season. To win a player must simple guess the exact final score of the Monday Night Football game. It’s free to enter, but to be eligible a player must have at least $25 in their casino account on Monday. Also, the final game guess must be entered at least 15 minutes before the game begins.

Thursday Night Football Contest: Players who guess the final exact score of a Thursday Night Football game can win $2,500. This is set up almost identically to the Monday Night Football Contest and is also free to enter.

NFL Handicapping Promo: Players can win up to $5,000 with the YouWager NFL Handicapping Contest each week. The player can make up to 3 choices off the entire NFL board (only one choice per team). Points are tracked throughout the season and whoever ends up with the highest score at the end of the season wins the $5,000 prize. Anyone in the top 10 of this contest will also get a lesser prize.

Bad Beat Promotion: The Bad Beat Special is a refund program where YouWager will give cash back to players who have lost a straight wager by a half point and then lost another by exactly a half point within a 30 day time period. The player will then be credited the lowest of the two wagers back to their YouWager account. This credit is maxed out at $250. Players who think they qualify for this promotion should email and put BAD BEAT in the subject line.

Loyalty Program At YouWager: YouWager Casino has a nice loyalty program for their most frequent players. The more a player wagers and the more they’re active on the site, the more points they can accumulate. Perks often include free bets and free casino cash.

Customer Service Is Top Notch At YouWager Casino

One of the best offerings from YouWager Casino is their customer support team. It’s extremely important for players to feel comfortable knowing an online casino has a good support team in place to assist them with transactions or any problems that may arise during their playing time. Players can contact YouWager Casino via telephone, fax, email, or live chat.