Jumio is the overall name for two incredible and relatively new technologies that allow for online and mobile casino players to pay online in real time with full id recognition and verification. In order to understand how the Jumio payment option works players can download the app to their mobile phone. It is a very simple and easy app to download and does not take more than half an hour. There are two different options, the Netswipe and Netverify. For online casinos the Netswipe is adequate and what it does is allow for the player to literally swipe or in the case of the mobile phone, scan the credit card to the phone. The player then enters the remaining details that are required such as full credit card number, expiry date and security number. Within seconds, the system then allows for the payment to be authorizes and with it is the security of knowing that the payment is instant, direct and approved. The player can also use the Netverify for registering at a casino and also payment options. It works in the same way as the Netswipe system with the addition of a verification process that includes face recognition to match a driver's license or face picture on a credit card or passport. This new Jumio system is now operating in over 60 countries and is fast becoming one of the main choices for online casino players and mobile casino players because of the added security and ease of use that it provides.