Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo Slots

Monte Cristo is neither a new casino game that is neither a slots nor an arcade game, it is a game of the future of which there will be many more introduced in the next few months. In this exciting casino game, the Count of Monte Cristo has been imprisoned in a tomb and with the help of a bouncing ball he can hit bricks and other symbols to plan his escape and take with him the hidden treasure that he has been searching for.

Two Level Game

There are two main levels to this game which take place in difference scenes. The first level takes place in the Chateau d"IF" where a player is given 10 bounces of the ball to try and hit bricks and symbols that will open up a way out together with offering a number of different bonus prizes and options. If players hit a bonus symbol they can win an extra 5 bounces, known as free games. Hitting a bomb will award the player all of the different prizes from the surrounding bricks. Hitting heart awards players three extra bounces but beware of the skull which will end the game and cancel any winnings for that bounce. Hitting a bonus game symbol will take players to a caver where they need to discover new pathways to exit the cave and open different doors to reveal prizes.

Bonus Opportunities

The second level of the game is played in much the same way as the first level but players are located in a Cave deep beneath the Chateau where they also work their way through the different symbols to win extra bonus games and a chance to gain the hidden treasure. The bonus game of this level takes place in the actual palace where players are invited to reveal what is hidden behind the palatial doors. Monte Cristo is a new style slots and arcade game all under one theme where players try their luck and have an interactive part at every stage of the game. The excitement never rests for a minute and there are great experiences together with handsome winnings to be gained when playing this novel game.