FullTilt Poker offers new method - MyWebATM

MyWebATM is a new deposit method for poker players at Full Tilt Poker Room.

Play Online Poker at MyWebATM Poker Room

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Contact Card Services toll free at 1-866-746-7246. A fee will be charged for the replacement card and it will be mailed to you.

Why do people consider acquiring the card?

The card is perfect for:

  • Anyone who wants to better track his or her spending
  • Anyone uncomfortable carrying cash
  • Anyone traveling and not wanting to carry a lot of cash
  • Anyone without a bank account
  • Teens and students - a 'cool' way to keep allowance money, extra cash, or school funds in a pocket for controlled spending

Where can I use MyWebATM?

The MyWebATM may be used at automatic teller machines (ATMs) to withdraw cash or check the cash balance on the card. It may also be used at any locations that accept ATM cards at point-of-sale and at any retailer that accepts the EBSG® logo on the Internet. The Cardholder is always provided a receipt after each use, so all spending may be monitored.

Is the MyWebATM safe?

Cardholders are assigned a secure PIN (Personal Identification Number), so the card may be used by only the cardholder or someone to whom the PIN has been given.

PLEASE NOTE: You assume responsibility for all transactions arising from use of the Card by any person you have authorized or otherwise permitted to do so. The PIN is your Personal Identification Number. Communicating your PIN to any individual constitutes your authorization of that individual for unlimited use of your card. Never communicate your PIN by voice or in writing. Provide your PIN only to established merchants by keystroke into a secure electronic system. If you have authorized another person to use the Card in any manner, that authorization shall be deemed to include the authorization to make withdrawals or transfers of funds from your Account, and such authorization shall be deemed to continue indefinitely.

If I want a MyWebATM, what do I do?

You can get your MyWebATM by clicking here.

Is there a limit to the amount that I can load on the card?

There is a $2,700 maximum stored-value limit. However, the cards can be reloaded again and again.

How would I transfer funds to a friend, family member or business?

Your MyWebATM can be used to transfer funds to any other EBSG® ATM Card. In fact, you can make multiple transfers in a day, so long as the maximum daily cash withdrawal amount is not exceeded. This is much more convenient and cost effective than conventional means of transferring funds.

Is there a limit to how much I can transfer to someone else?

There is a daily limit of $500.00 on card to card transfers.

What about an ATM withdrawal limit?

There is a daily limit of $500.00 on cash withdrawals, subject to any limits imposed by the operators of individual ATM machines.

Is there a limit on purchases?

There is a daily limit of $2,700.00 for PIN Debit Point-of-Sale purchases

Is the MyWebATM a credit card?

The MyWebATM is a stored-value, PIN-based debit card. It manages expenditures effectively, as only the amount loaded on the card is available for Point-Of-Sale purchases at retail locations or cash withdrawals at ATMs. Thus, no credit fees, overdraft charges, late fees, or interest charges are ever added. The cardholder has access to only the amount of money (or the remaining portion after transactions) stored on the card. It's today's safe, convenient, and flexible way to manage spending.

Does the card have an expiration date?

Your MyWebATM will expire 2 years from the time it is issued, but don't worry you will receive a replacement card about 2 months before your card is set to expire. Any balance you have will be transferred free of charge to your new card.

What happens if I need to return an item I bought with the card?

The merchant would handle the return just like they would any other ATM card purchase, based on the guidelines laid out in their store policy manual.

What are the benefits of my having a MyWebATM?

  • A name on the card is not necessary
  • A PIN is used for security
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen
  • Access to funds in local currencies, 24 hours a day, at ATMs worldwide
  • Receive quick access to the balance from an ATM as soon as funds are credited to the card account
  • No bank account is required
  • Money can be transferred instantly from one card to another
  • The card may be used at locations around the world
  • The card is rechargeable
  • The card is accepted by millions of merchants and ATM machines around the world
  • The card can be used to buy items securely at select merchants on the Internet

What if I do not remember my PIN?

PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, only you as the cardholder know the PIN you selected at activation for your card. If you forget your PIN, you must acquire and activate an additional card. You may then transfer the balance of funds from your former card to your newly activated card.

Can I have multiple MyWebATM's?

No, you can only have one MyWebATM.

Why am I getting "Insufficient Funds" when I attempt to make a gas purchase at a "Pay-at-the-Pump"? I know I have money on my card!

When you insert your card and enter your PIN, a pay-at-the-pump machine may check to see if you have from $25 to $75 dollars on the card to secure your purchase (the most common we've seen is $50 but merchants vary). The merchant then places a 'hold' on that amount and authorizes your purchase. After your purchase is complete, a request for the exact amount of your purchase is submitted for processing through the bank. Upon settlement, the hold on your card is released. If, however, your card has less than the 'hold amount', it will not allow the transaction to take place and you may get an "Insufficient Funds" error.

While the transaction is being processed, your card will not have the 'hold amount' available for use. Again, this is how merchants have their "pay-at-the-pump" systems set up. This is not a hold created by EBSG®.

Another point of interest is that if your card account has $100 and you perform a "pay-at-the-pump" purchase of $10, your account available balance may show $50 after the transaction. Once the transaction settles, the 'hold amount,' in this case $50, will be released and the card will reflect an available balance of $90.

I attempted a withdrawal from an ATM. I never received any funds; however, when I check my card balance, it reflects a debit in the amount that I attempted. But I never received any money! How and to whom do I submit a dispute for funds?


This is the information you would submit to EBSG to file a dispute:

  • The card number of the card being disputed
  • Date/Time of the transaction
  • Transaction Sequence number from the ATM
  • Switch Sequence Number
  • Amount Requested
  • Amount Received

All of these items can be found on the ATM receipt. Be prepared to fax, scan and email, or mail a copy of the receipt to MyWebATM

After I file a dispute, how long before I can expect to see my funds credited back to my card?

According to federal regulations the bank has up to 10 days from the date the dispute is presented to the bank in order to issue a 'provisional credit'. The bank then has 45 days to finish their investigation of the dispute. Upon completion of the investigation the bank will make known their findings and either make permanent the credited amount, or debit the provisional credit.

Quick Summary of MyWebATM facts

  • $2,500 Loading Limit
  • $2,500.00 loading limit on unregistered cards and $9,700.00 loading limit on registered cards
  • $2,700.00 Daily for PIN Debit Point-of-Sale purchases
  • $500 per day (subject to machine limits) Point-of-Sale Limit
  • $500 per day Cash Withdrawal Limit
  • No name required on card
  • Loading Methods

    • Bank Wire Transfer
    • ACH to Card
    • Card to Card
    • Loading Terminal
    • Credit Cards

*Please note: certain limits may be adjusted on an individual case basis with additional security information provided.

How do I activate my card?

Your card must be registered by your card's distributor prior to activation. All information used for activation must be exactly the same as that used to register your card.