My Slots Rewards

When a player visits Slots.LV and signs up as a new member, they are automatically enrolled into the new MySlots Rewards Program. The MySlots Rewards Program is a program that was designed to show each and every player how much their loyalty is appreciated.

How To Earn Points: MySlots Rewards

Players earn rewards points simply by making deposits and playing games. The points are automatically accumulated into the player's reward account. Points can be redeemed for various things, including bonuses, cash, or other prizes.

Cashout Rules: MySlots Rewards

While many other online casino rewards programs have tight rules on when players can cash in their points, MySlots Rewards Program rules are much more relaxed. Players can cash in or exchange their points at any time. Even when a player cashes in their points, they keep their current status within the program and continue to get cash back on losses.

How To Check Balances: MySlots Rewards

When players want to check their MySlots Rewards Program balance, they can simply access the Rewards Portal. There they will find their current level within the program, their points balance, any alerts or reminders about points that at risk of expiring, and more.

Level Details: MySlots Rewards

There are eight levels to the MySlots Rewards Program. All players enter the program at Level 1, which gives them a redemption rate of 2,500 points to $1 and a 5% cashback bonus. When a player accumulates 2,500 points he or she moves to Level 2 and receives a 2,250 to $1 redemption rate and a 6% cashback bonus. At level 3 a player has 10,000 points and gets a 2,000 to $1 redemption rate and a 7% cashback bonus. Level 4 begins at 60,000 points and comes with a 1,750 to $1 redemption rate and a 9% cashback bonus.

At Level 5 a player has earned 150,000 points and can enjoy a 1,500 to $1 redemption rate and a 10% cashback bonus. Level 6 is for players who have 500,000 points and gives them a 1,250 to $1 redemption rate and an 11% cashback bonus. At Level 7 players have 1,000,000 points, receive a 1,100 to $1 redemption rate, and get to enjoy a 12% cashback bonus. The highest level is Level 8, where a player must have 2,500,000 points to get the 1,000 to $1 redemption rate and the 15% cashback bonus.