Curious Machine Slots

We invite you to visit Drake Casino where a brand new slot game called Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine is now available. This is a fabulous 3D slot with bonus features galore. As you play, you will be cheered on by Miles and Gizmo, his robot friend. The sounds, graphics, and animations are superb, and this is one slot game you won't want to miss playing.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus 3D video slot, Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine is well worth the 50 cent maximum bet. There are smaller coin denominations as well. The jackpot is 2500 coins, but there is a lot more payouts to be made not only during the regular game but in the bonus and free spins round as well.

Miles and Gizmo

Miles and Gizmo are the main characters in this slot game and are, frankly, quite a pair. Additionally, there is General Traytor (you have to love the name), who is the villain in this game. Moreover, the symbols to look for include: the Time Machine, the Vortex, the Dinosaur, a Map, a City, and the Curious Machine. All play a vital role in garnering you very high payouts. Before you begin play, read the pay table as it will provide you with all the bonus features. One in particular is of great interest - the Rewind Feature.

Rewind to Win

If, after you spin the reels, you do not get any winning combinations, the Rewind Feature will kick in. Here a randomly selected reel will re-spin to give you a chance to get a winning combination. It's important to note, however, that if you decide to change your bet, the rewind feature will not play on the next spin. Also, to take advantage of this feature, you have to bet all 30 lines.

The Vortex Symbol

This is the wild symbol and when it appears in a winning combination, watch as the Vortex picks up speed and spins the icons surrounding it in a clockwise motion. When it stops, you will find that you may have added more winning combinations to the field.

Double Up

Another great feature in Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine is the Double Up feature. Here you can double your payouts. All you have to do is to click on the "double Up" sign directly under the Spin button.

Back in Time

When three or more Dinosaur symbols appear, Miles sits down at the time machine and you are immediately transported to the prehistoric age. There, you will begin your free spins round. At the bottom of the slot is the multiplier from 1 to 5xs. Each number will light up as the reels spin and stop at a specific number. When all free spins are completed, Miles and Gizmo will hear the stomping of the Dinosaur and immediately move back to the time machine where he will bring you back to the slot machine. This feature is fun to watch and to play.

Travel through Time Bonus Game

When three or more time machines appear, you will be taken to a second screen where the bonus game will commence. Here, you will finally meet General Traytor and watch as Miles and Gizmo try to evade him. There is more to this bonus game, but we don't want to give too much away.

Play Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine

For one of the most innovative and ingenious 3D slots yet to come along at Drake Casino, we invite you to play this fantastic and bonus-filled slot game.