Online Casino Industry

The internet took a chance and it paid off - big time. The online casino industry is 15 years old this year and it's still enjoying a winning growth spirit with no sign of slowing down. Gamers from all walks of life and all corners of the world play together through the World Wide Web, entering the same casino lobbies, whether it is breakfast in Paris, lunch-time in Jakarta, or 2 am in Vegas.

15 Fun-Filled Years Playing Online

Just like the city that never sleeps, the online casino industry is always open. Everyone is welcome and not only is there no dress code but dressing is optional. You can play in the comfort of your own home whatever time you want, whether you have just ten minutes free or hours to spend at the slots. There is nothing standing between you and a mini vacation to the casino. There are no hotel bills to worry about. No crowds. No lines. No need to validate parking or tip that dealer. This freedom appeals to a lot of players who live busy lives and find it hard to enjoy a few minutes to themselves. Playing at an online casino fits into any timetable and provides that excitement we all crave without the hassles we hate.

See How Far Online Gaming Has Come

The excitement of gambling was for a long time confined to the bright lights of the Vegas strip and a few other holiday locations few of us will ever visit. But when the internet provided the technology to play from home, many people found their inner gamer. In 1998, just two years after its conception, the online gambling industry generated a turnover of almost $1 billion. That number more than tripled by 2001, then doubled to $6 billion in 2003. The industry continued to jump billions every year well into eleven digits. The online casino industry in the UK has been through an accentuated growth during the past few years. And analysts expect it to grow even more over the next year, especially if US laws warm up the industry.

Join the Thousands Playing

Today, there are thousands of online casinos and gaming related websites on the web today with every kind of game and gaming advice you can think of. And the players that frequent them are on the rise, making the online gambling industry a mainstream entertainment and certainly, not just for the Rat Pack. And all the information I've read indicates that the growth of the industry isn't anywhere near the end of its rise. So that begs the question; why are you just reading about this exciting industry? Why are you out there playing a part in it?