Online UK Pub Slots

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For anyone who has spent time in the UK or actually lives there, you will definitely be familiar with the UK pub slots that populate all of the pubs and local bars. These are slot machines which are also known as AWP, award with prizes. They tend to be 3 reel slot games and have no more than a 3 coin betting option. But, that does not mean they are not fun and exciting to play with some great opportunities including free spins and bonus trails where you can win even more money and more free games.

Cash N' Curry: A True Representation of UK Pub Life

Take Cash n' Curry, a real take off of the UK corner pub life where everyone loves their hot curry. This is a 3 reel slot game with 1 payline but lots of different possible winning opportunities. There are nudges and gambles, gamble nudges and holds which help you to be active in the way the game turns out, It is not just a game of luck but one of skill as well, as you decide which symbols to hold and which to release, what to gamble and what to move. The bonus game or trail is achieved when you land 3 balti symbols in a row; these symbols appear randomly as the reels are spun. The bonus game takes place on a separate screen where you are presented with a trail and a beer glass. You have to work your way around the trail by spinning different numbers. As your beer glass fills up you progress further. Each move around the trail can award you more money and winnings or potentially give you a loss. You have the chance to take your winnings while you are ahead or gamble to try and get more. With coin sizes ranging from $0.10 up to $10, this is a game for every type and level of player. And, being a Microgaming slots game, you can also choose the practice version before you place real money bets, giving you more chances to work out your strategy before you place real money bets.

Who is For a Game of Lucky Darts?

Lucky Darts Slots game is another true British themed game. Darts are of course the national game of pub players and you can't find anyone playing a game of darts without a pint in their hand! This is also a 3 reel slots game with one payline and a bonus game. The symbols are made up of lucky darts, bars, bells, grapes, oranges and lemons. You can work your way to the bonus game through a series of holds and gambles that you are given. The bonus game is like the wheel of fortune TV show, where the contestant or player in your case, spins the wheel and where it comes to stop determines what your winnings are. Lucky Darts is a simple and easy pub game to play and understand, yet despite its simplicity you still have some amazing opportunities to win great amounts of money.

Join in Olympic Sports from Your Home with Track and Field Mouse

Track and Field Mouse Slots is a much more complex online pub slots game. Although at first glance, the only thing that will strike you is the Olympic theme, there is much more to the game. In fact Track and Field mouse has 3 different games in one, you can choose between the bronze, silver, or gold track options which relate to the number of coins you are willing to bet. Of course the more you bet the more you stand to win so it is always better to go for the gold game. The symbols of cherries, lemons, oranges, bars, plums, melons and sporty mice are all part of the main spinning reels where you can work through nudges, holds, repeat nudges, gambles and a nudge bank to try and land any of the 5 winning combinations. A bonus game awards you up to 50 free spins depending on which cheese you win for your Olympic mouse and even if you lose a spin in this sporty slots game you are in with a chance. Track and Field mouse has a system called Shifta whereby after a loss, a symbol can be randomly held and all other symbols spun around it until you achieve a win. In other words you receive a random win even when you lose, what can be better than that?

Nothing Beats a Game of UK Online Pub Slots

Playing UK online pub slots is more than just a quick spin of the reels. Each and every game has something extra to offer, whether it is bonus trails or free spins, nudges or gambles; there is always something. In addition you have the chance to practice each game before you place real money bets, again giving you more confidence and readiness for when you take the plunge and place your real money in bets. Nothing beats the value for money and fun that you get from playing online UK pub slots.