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MoneyLineWallet (MLW) is the latest and most secure way for online players to handle play funds. Though MLW is useful for online gamers, and there is an ever-growing cadre of MoneyLineWallet Casinos, MLW may be used by any merchants who wish to set up a MLW connection on their websites:

How MoneyLineWallet Works

MoneLineWallet is very easy to use on both ends! There are a few easy steps in the basic set-up:

  1. Set-up: The first step is for the MLW Casinos to set up a safe and secure connection on their website.
  2. Account: Next, the player must create his or her account on MLB. Once the account is established it may be used at any of the MoneyLineWallet Casinos. The account set-up is a simple process with a few easy steps.
  3. Deposit: Once the account is established, MLB Casinos customers may fund their newly formed accounts using their checking account at their bank. Once a deposit is made to the MLB account, funds are immediately available for use.

Use MLW: After the account is funded, using it could not be easier. To fund MoneyLineWallet Casinos accounts just click on the "Pay With MoneyLineWallet" option, and it walks players through the funding process.

MoneyLineWallet FAQ's

How long does it take to receive withdrawals? - If you wish to receive cash out of your MLW account, it can take as long as 30 days to receive a check. This does not apply if players are storing winnings in their MLW account for transfer to other MLW Casinos, only if they wish to receive cash back to their checking accounts.

How safe are MLW deposits? - MLW uses the highest levels of encryption and the top current security protocols on the market today. That is twice the encryption level that banks use for online functions - MLW's encryption has never been cracked. Staying on top of the best security technology is MLW's first priority and it is why MLW casinos use them as their first choice.

What fees apply when making a MLW deposit? - The first deposit fee in a MLW account is a randomized dollar amount that ranges between $3.75 and $5.00. The reason for this random amount is part of their complex security protocol, ensuring that players actually have access to the checking account that they provided to fund the MLW account.

What fees apply when making a MLW withdrawal? - Transactions under $1000 are sent as a money order in the mail less a charge of $10 for the withdrawal fee. Transactions of $1000 and more are sent via bank wire, directly to players' bank accounts for a wire fee of $53.50.

How are MLW accounts verified? - Though funds are available for play immediately, after the initial deposit players must wait until their bank processes the transaction before making a withdrawal. The amount processed through their bank will be marginally altered. When players receive notice of that slightly altered amount, they may then verify it with MLW. When verifying your account, be absolutely certain that you have the exact amount as it posted to your checking account - any error here will delay access to your MLW account.

Set Up Your MLW Account Now!

MoneyLineWallet is a terrific, safe, 21st century way to handle funds. MLW Casinos know this, and they offer MLW as a way to protect their players' identity and funds. Get your MLW account now, and start playing at MoneyLineWallet Casinos today!