City of Gold Slots

Imagine that you're an explorer, making your way through the dense South American jungle. Around you, you can hear the sounds and cries of strange animals as you continue to slash through the undergrowth. Suddenly you come to a clearing, and in the center of it stands an ancient ruined Mayan Temple. You hurry forward, keen to discover what golden treasures lie within ... Well, that's the kind of feeling that the designers of City of Gold were going for, anyway, and we think they largely succeeded. Particularly when you consider that this game carries a massive $150,000 jackpot, which is treasure enough for anybody. Play City of Gold Slots and win this treasure!

The Path to Riches

Even if you've never played a video slot before, you should have no trouble with City of Gold. The concept it's based on are as ancient as the Mayan theme it leverages.

The aim of the game is to spin the five reels and tried to get the symbols on them to line up with each other when they come to rest. In order to be considered a winning, the symbols need to line up along predefined "pay lines". City of Gold has up to 25 lines that you can activate, each of which gives you an extra chance to win every time you spin.

You need to place a single coin bet on each line that you activate, but the game allows you to control what a coin is worth. In this case, it can be as little as a penny, or as much as $25.

Many Mayan Marvels

The playing cards 9 through Ace make up the low order pay table wins, bringing in up to 250 coins depending on the combination. After that, expect to see Plants and Tree Frogs for twice that amount. The Ornate Mayan Necklace doubles this again for a 1000 coins, and the Golden Mask brings in 3000. The most valuable symbol in the game is the ancient Temple, which triggers the top prize of 6000 coins. If you are playing at maximum bet, this would yield $150,000.

Golden Bonuses

Although City of Gold does not have dedicated bonus game, it does have a Free Spins feature. This gets triggered when at least three of the Golden Archway Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. When this happens, you will earn 15 free spins, and any prize money you win will be tripled! In addition, depending on how many Scatter symbols appeared, you will also win a multiple of your total line bet, up to 100 times. It's possible to pull in an extra $25,000 this way.