Treasure Slots

Treasure Slots: A Theme for Everyone and if you want to find a lot of action packed casinos, then look no more because the RTG casinos have a bunch of Treasure Slots themed games that are easy to play and provide great features and perks. Below are some of them, all offer great bonuses and amazing themes. Just choose the theme you like because the software and service runs smooth in all of them.

King Tut's Treasure Slots

There is always something very appealing about the enigma that surrounds Egypt. And this appeal grows in strength by the knowledge that Egypt was a highly civilized society that was teeming with riches. It is not surprising then that a good theme for a slots machine would be Egypt and King Tut's Treasure Slots does exactly that by taking advantage of Egypt's reputation for being a treasure filled land. It's not just the theme that is impressive, but most importantly, the game is extremely fun too. The graphics, sound effects and design are superb. Hieroglyphics, a sphinx, pyramids and an oasis are some of the symbols the game possesses. Moreover, the user friendliness of the game really stood out with detailed instructions always a click away to make even the dumbest of players know what to do.

How the game King Tut's Treasure Slots is played

This slot game is a 3 reel video slots machine. It has a classic feel to it, thanks to the inclusion of all the regular features and the presence of 9 symbols that appear every time a spin is done. Flexibility is another key component here because the game offers you to bet max or bet one. Moreover, you can also stop the reels at any time thanks to new stop spin feature. The Wild Symbol, represented in the game by a face made of gold (like the things found on an ancient pharaoh's sarcophagi), is the symbol you should keep an eye out for. Like most wild symbols, it allows to you to finish a winning combination of 3 symbols. It also represents the game's multiplier. Thus, anything you earn from the winning combination will be doubled.

Where you must play King Tut's Treasure Slots

Several casinos offer this game, but there is none quite like Liberty Slots Casino as it features the best gaming software, top notch customer support and a gaming experience that is unrivalled.

Treasure Trail Slots

If you are hunting for some treasure in slot machines, do not look beyond Treasure Trail Slots. The theme of this slot game is a pirate ship and the sound and graphic elements of the game complement the theme perfectly. The three reel slot machine has a fairly addictive, yet simple game play. Just like most three reel games, one a single pay line is available and the pay table can be seen in the same screen that shows the reels so you'll find it easier to calculate how much you'll win. The gaming engine is powered by OddsOn, so a progressive jackpot is included in the mix. All you need to do is insert a coin, valued at a fixed 2 dollars and the game begins allowing you to bet up to a maximum of three coins.

The X factor

Since the theme is of treasure and pirates, the symbols of the game come from the same theme such as nautical telescopes, skulls and crossbones, treasure chests, gold bars, parrot heads and last but not the least, an X. The X symbol has to be the most important one because it's the game's wild symbol. It cal also substitute any symbols already on the reel. Moreover, this acts as a multiplier too giving you greater earnings. Moreover, if you are the lucky person to get all three X in the payline, you can walk away with the greatest win possible.

Extra, extra, extra

Without a progressive jackpot, no slot game would be fun and hence this game includes a progressive jackpot. If you want to get an opportunity to win the game's jackpot, you must bet 3 coins for every spin. You can win huge amounts of cash with the jackpot.

Where you must play Treasure Trail Slots

The best casino where you can play Treasure Trail Slots is the Liberty Slots Online Casino, which has enjoyed an impressive reputation for being one of the top online casinos in the world.

Tiger Treasure Slots - Why the Jungle must be Chosen

If you want to travel through the wild jungle, collect various precious stones, come face to face with wild pandas and look for the elusive and majestic Bengal tiger that will help you show the way to a hidden treasure, come and play Tiger Treasure Slots. This is not any ordinary jungle game that houses a lot of wealth. To be honest, the game itself is one of the main reasons why you should play this game and not solely for the jackpots. The graphics are stunning, the sounds are good and the interface is user friendly.

Description of Tiger Treasure Slots

Tiger Treasure Slots is a 20 line, 5 reel slot game that is created by the people at Real Time Gaming to give both amateur and pro players, quite literally, a wild experience. Bets start of from 1 cent and the maximum is 5 dollars thereby ensuring you can play for small wins or huge gains.

The Wild Card

To grab hold of the big treasure, you should capture and tape the tiger that appears in your reel. This animal is your multiplier and wild card. The tiger appears in 4th and 2nd reel and if you use them in your combination, you will get three times the amount of prize money you earn.

The Bonus

If 3 or more Chinese logos are hit, you can win from 5 to twenty five free games. The games that are played with free credits lets you have more tigers. This in turn translates to a greater probability of winning a huge jackpot.

Some other features

There is a help button you can use that lets you know the bonus rounds, rules of the games and the winning combinations. If you succumb to nature's call or need to grab a quick bite, press the Auto Play button and the game will do the needful while you munch. Moreover, the random progressive mode is another thing where the tiger from Bengal gives you a chance to earn an amount greater than the jackpot. Moreover, for the complete gaming experience, make sure you play Tiger Treasure Slots only at Silver Oak Casino.

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