$82K Jackpot Won At Bovada Casino On Table Game

This has been an incredible year for large jackpot wins at online casinos. Lucky players are reporting giant prizes being won at various casinos, but almost all of these reported wins are linked to an online slot game.

Recently, an $82k jackpot was won at Bovada Casino, but the win did not come from an online slot game. Instead, it was won at a table game. Player James S. from Ohio won the big payout while playing Caribbean Stud Poker, which is a poker games with no flop.

James S. from Ohio wagered $4 on the round and $1 on the progressive jackpot as a side bet during his Caribbean Stud Poker game at Bovada Casino. He immediately got a Royal Flush and earned 100% of the giant $82,180 jackpot.

At Bovada Casino, the Caribbean Stud Poker game shares it's generous jackpot with the players of Caribbean Hold'em, as well. No matter which game a player is engaged in, they must land a Royal Flush in order to trigger the entire jackpot. Players can also trigger 10% of the jackpot if they get a Straight Flush.

This is a classic story of how a player took a $5 total bet and landed an $82k payoff. While many are lucky enough to do this with an online slot game, it's a bit less common with online casino table games.