Wow Pot 5-Reels Slots

Microgaming has done it again when they introduced Wowpot slots. This slot has been played frequently and is quite popular indeed. Not only does Wowpot have brilliant graphics but it is also a frequent payer, averaging jackpot payouts about every three days. One other reason for this games popularity is that it is a progressive slot.

Two versions?

There are two versions of this slot game, a classic three reel slot and a five reel version that has 15 pay lines. The max amount to wager on this slot is $1.50 unless you are playing the three reel version since it is a .50 machine with only a single pay line. Interestingly enough, both versions of Wowpot do share the same progressive jackpot pool. The minimum win on a Wowpot progressive jackpot is promised to never be lower than $1,000, however the average jackpot is estimated to be around $12,000. While many progressives do pay out higher amounts try to consider that Wowpot has more frequent wins so it is impossible for it to climb much past the 12 grand mark. There was one Wowpot winner that hit for over $200,000!

Wilds & Scatters

The Wowpot is wild in this slot game and also acts as the multiplier. Look for other symbols such as the sevens, bells and fruit symbols, which are all very traditional. The Wowpot symbol is only a multiplier if the player has wagered the max bet. The Wowpot symbol also acts as a wild multiplier, substituting for all symbols except the scatter bonus icons. One Wowpot pays out a double return, two will quadruple it, and three will trigger the progressive jackpot.

How to win the progressive jackpot

When you are playing the five reel version of Wowpot there is a dime wager that you need to cover on all 15 lines. To get the progressive here you must get five Wowpots on pay line 15 but if five Wowpots appear on any other pay line then you will win 5,000 coins. This version also has a scatter bonus feature that the other version does not have. So, when you get three scatters plan to triple your bet but four scatters will pay out 30 times what you wagered and five scatters will pay out 300 times what you bet.

The difference is

The only variance in play between the three and five reel versions of Wowpot is the amount of wins. The three reel pays out bigger amounts but more seldom as opposed to the five reel which offers smaller wins but more of them. Why not play a little Wowpottoday. You never know if today is the day!