Reels of Magic Slots

Do you fancy some magic tricks? Pulling a rabbit out of a hat, sawing beautiful girls in half and making objects disappear into thin air? Hey presto! The magnificent game Magic Slots is here to magically hook you up with some wonderful wins! This thrilling slot game is in typical Vegas style, with 3 reels and 1 pay line, meaning that you have the opportunity to make winning combinations from all 3 of the spinning reels. Every coin you add will activate a pay line at a higher level. As soon as the reels have stopped spinning, the computer verifies the symbol combinations on each pay line that has been enabled. The game has an outstanding Magic Bonus and surprisingly rewarding Progressive Jackpot. Plus the software is so easy to use that it's a cinch to play this slot game, just like magic!

Let the Magic begin!

Start off by choosing the amount you would like to bet. Clicking on the button 'Bet One' will increase the amount of coins you are betting, but note that this will only be by one coin at a time. Once you have made your wager, click on 'Spin', which will make the reels start spinning. However, if you would like to go for the highest stakes and bet the highest amount of coins, you will need to click on the button 'Bet Max' - this will also make the reels spin automatically. Should the pay line display winning combinations, the game will end and you will be paid the amount of winnings as indicated. The game will also end if you have no winning combinations, but you can always play again! That's the pure magic of this game!

Wave your Magic Wand to bring you magic wins

You will need to collect a total of three Magic Wands and make the maximum 3-coin bet in order to activate the delightful feature of the Magic Bonus. Bonus prizes can also be won if you choose one out of the fantastic four Hats during this bonus feature. When the bonus game is over, you are taken back to the ordinary Magic slots game, where your winnings from the Bonus Prize will be added to the total amount you have won. Take note that you can only play this game with real money and in denominations from 0.25 up to 5.00 ($/£/€), with wagers up to a maximum of 2 coins. The highest payout you can receive in Magic Slots, apart from the amazing Progressive Jackpot, is a massive 2,000 coins. Wouldn't you like this amount to just magically appear in your pocket with a minimum amount of effort? Well, it's as easy as A B C if you play this phenomenal game!

Progressive Jackpots will make you jump for joy

A percentage of all the wagers you have made during the Magic Slots game will go towards the outstanding Progressive Jackpot. The Jackpot can be won if you manage to get all three of the highest-ranking Hat and Gloves symbols on the pay line and wager the maximum 3-coin bet. Here is a cool aspect of this game - all the players throughout the world are notified, then the Jackpot is reset to a specific minimum value. But don't despair! When the jackpot is reset, it will start growing again as players place their bets - so you have the chance to greatly increase your winnings with just a small outlay! While you are playing, if you want to find out the current amount available in this super-duper Progressive Jackpot, check out the display of the scrollbar below the Magic Slots game. This motivation will surely spur you on to greater heights as you play this phenomenal game! The Wizard of Oz will have nothing on you!

We are sorry to inform you that Reels of Magic Slots are no longer available. The game was removed by the software provider - Microgaming and meantime is not back yet. We will update you as soon as situation changes, but the fun must go on, so you may choose one of the great Microgaming slots, like Royal Reels or Fruit Fiesta.