Stocking Stuffers Slots

Stocking Stuffers Slots

If you put up stockings on the mantel in your living room, or atop the fireplace mantel, or anywhere in your home where they will be seen and stuffed with goodies; you will certainly appreciate playing the new Stocking Stuffers Slots. This is a classic slot that has an exquisite introduction. There is fireplace with a roaring fire, the Christmas stockings and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree all lit up. Looking at this intro is quite soothing and perhaps brings back memories of your own Christmases as a child through adulthood. We highly recommend you play Stocking Stuffers Slots at Miami Club Casino, one of our top online casinos for US players.

Yuletide Carols being Sung by a Choir…..

With your Christmas CDs playing in the background, you can truly enjoy Stocking Stuffers Slots. This is a 3-reel, 1-payline progressive slot. It can perhaps be considered a classic slot, just as Christmas is always a classic day. The coin value ranges from one cent to $9.00 max per spin. Three coins is the max and we advise you to bet the max in order to garner huge wins. This slot game also has a very unique jackpot. At the top of the slot it says that the jackpot must be won by $2500, which is a sure giveaway that this is a very lucrative slot game. Although some of the symbols are traditional, you will also find new symbols that will yield high payouts. There is a Wild symbol and also a Holiday Cash Bonus symbol that will certainly make your day. There is an Auto Play you can use at any time. The pay table is located to the left of the slot for you to view as you play.

It's a Wonderful Life

It certainly will be when you play Stocking Stuffers Slots. In this game there is a 5X Wild symbol and the Gift symbol is the Scatter. When you get all three 5X Wild symbols you will win 7500 coins. The Scatter Gift Packages will win you a bonus as well. It's called the Holiday Cash Bonus. When the Gift Bonus appears on reel 3, you will activate the Bonus. As long as you bet the max, you can win the following: if you get one Bonus Gift, you will win 5xs your bet; and if you get two Bonus Gifts, you will win 25xs your bet. Ah yes, it can be a wonderful life!

Merry Christmas to all…..

We highly recommend you play the new Stocking Stuffers Slots at Miami Club Casino.