Sevens and Stripes Slots

Sevens and Stripes and a favorite game of the classic kind, with the added bonus of a huge payout, it's a traditional three reel slot game, with traditional American flag color of red, blue and white stripes. If you heart is buried in American tradition such and Apple Pie, then this game will appeal to your traditional values. The game is littered with beautiful combination of the traditional colors, attractive on the eye and easy to operate. Choose to download Sevens and Stripes Slots to your computer or just play online, without having to download software. Why not try this one and head for the big jackpot that come with the game.

Which Reels do you choose?

There are reels in dancing and reels in slots. Take your pick, if your fancy is slots you can be sure to enjoy the game with an account at your favorite casino. Bankroll your account with real money and depending on the casino convert to credits. Your coin choice begins at 5c, increasing to 25c, 50c, one dollar up to Five Dollars. To aim for the best prizes you need to bet three coins. So the minimum bet is 15c and the maximum is fifteen Dollars.

The symbols are patriotic and as authentic as American Apple Pie

The symbols of this slot game represent the colors of the American flag, with Red sevens, White Sevens and Blue Sevens, each representing their own values, continuing in the red white and blue tradition are the Red Bars, the Blue Bars and the White Bars. Various combinations of these icons in a payline will yield some astounding prizes. The top jackpot yield is an incredible 10,000 coins. So the simplicity of this game is well rewarded with good payouts.

Depending on the number of five dollar coins wagered the highest jackpot of 10,000 coins means you can win $50,000, if you get, one red sever, one white seven and one blue seven provided you've bet three coins.

There is also a second highest jackpot of 5,000 coins that is $25,000 you need to get three Red Seven betting three coins.

There is also a third highest jackpot of 4,800 coins, that is $24,000 you need to get one Red Seven with one White Seven and one Blue Seven for betting only 2 coins.

Many Gamblers consider the Seven to be a lucky number

Seven is a lucky number for many gamblers so Sevens and Stripes slots is a very popular game with a simple game plan, together with a big payout its definitely a winner.