Fruit Bat Crazy Slots

Animals factor into lots of online slot games. But have you ever played any featuring a bat as the main attraction? They turn up in slots based around vampires, but there are no such vamps to be seen in this game. Fruit Bat Crazy does feature plenty of fruit though, so perhaps this is a friendly bat. We’re about to find out.

What do we know about the game?

Well, we know there’s a fruit bat there to see, and a quick glance at the game screen tells us there is fruit present as well. Fruit must surely be the most common theme around, but this is not an ordinary three-reel slot. Not at all – and we’re about to reveal why.

Slot game developer revealed

The developer behind this slot is none other than Betsoft. Yes, the Betsoft brand known for dynamic 3D slots and innovative gameplay most slot players seem to love. Looking at Fruit Bat Crazy, you might think Betsoft has gone backward with their game design. It’s certainly less detailed and in 2D too, so that does look different. However, there have some treats up their sleeves for us here.

Should you look for some demo play?

You should, as a demo version is provided for your convenience. We always try a demo of a new game, as it means we can get to grips with how it works and what it can offer. The game provides you with demo credits, so you can select a bet as if you were playing for real. That means you won’t score any real prizes, but you can play for a while to see what you think.

Which theme is used in Fruit Bat Crazy?

Think fruit and think of a bat – one very cute-looking bat, at that. While you will recognize many of the fruits in store here, you will also spot some bells and the ever-present sevens that often pop up in games with this theme.

What do we know about the game design?

Not all slots have detailed backgrounds. This one doesn’t, which means your attention is all on those reels. We can’t help but think the game would have looked better in 3D, but that’s just us asking for everything! The game looks great and has lots of appeal, and that’s the main thing.

What type of slot game is it?

We get five reels in action here, although there is no progressive jackpot to go for. Meanwhile, the game does offer a chance to score some free games with the right trigger. While there is no set bonus on another screen, Fruit Bat Crazy does provide us with an Exploding Win Ladder feature.

How many paylines are in play?

None, but that is because there are 243 ways to win in play instead. This is a popular format among many slot players, requiring a bet based on the idea of covering 40 lines per spin.

What are your betting options?

With an assumed 40-line format, you must wager 40 cents per spin to cover all 243 winning ways. You can increase the value of that bet to $40 at the upper end of the scale.

Where is the paytable?

You will spot a lowercase ‘i’ under the reels, and this takes you into this portion of the game. We suggest you read it thoroughly prior to trying the game. The first page reveals details of the Fruit Bat Crazy feature, before moving on to explain more about the Exploding Win Ladder. Don’t worry – we’ll get to both of those shortly.

You can also see the wild icon, shown here as a diamond and able to pop up on the second and fourth reels to substitute for other items. The game also features Bonus Buy Coins. The idea is that you can buy your way through to the Fruit Bat Crazy feature if you wish. Every coin you find reduces the amount you would wager to get through to the feature. The coins can appear over the central three reels of the game and are automatically collected as you play.

Does Fruit Bat Crazy offer a bonus round?

No, but we did say we’d tell you about the Exploding Win Ladder. This means all successful combos explode, with the lower-value icons exploding first, followed by others in order of succession. This means that instead of seeing everything explode and other icons dropping from above until the reels are once again complete, it can occur in stages. It also means there is a chance you could secure multiple prizes from successive explosions on the reels. We’ve had this happen during play and it is nice to see.

What about some free spins?

This is the best part of the Fruit Bat Crazy slot game. The fruit bat, as you might have guessed, is the key to getting some free games. Two bats will get you a coin prize, but three or more will get you the free games. Three bats equal 10 freebies, but the more you can locate the better the outcome. There is a chance you could fill all the reels with bats. That would require 15 of them to appear, in which case you would play through 200 free spins. No, that is not a misprint – 200 free games are possible to get here.

Game RTP (return to player) info

We don’t yet have information on the return to player percentage in play for this game. We’ll let you know when that changes.

Our slot game rating

We are going to give this 7 out of 10 stars. We prefer 3D slots but there is enough in this one with the Exploding Win Ladder and the crazy amount of free spins to try and secure. We always think fruit is a dull and overused element in slots, but honestly, it works here as we have a fruit bat that we guess could get hungry!

What might slot game winners be able to get in prizes?

Prizes depend on the number of coins wagered when a successful combination is found on the reels. The values shown in the paytable adjust according to the bet you have chosen. Make sure, therefore, you choose the bet you want to play before you view the paytable.

Playing the game just for fun

We always think this is the best and most sensible way to figure out whether a game has enough appeal for you. We’re all different, so you might find this game is ideal for you. We love the various features in it but reading about them is only part of the equation. Playing a demo means you can truly understand how Fruit Bat Crazy works. And of course, you might simply want to have an entertaining game to play to pass the time.

Is it worth playing the game for real money?

We must all make our own decisions in this respect. Do you like Fruit Bat Crazy enough to place real bets on it? If so, sort out your budget and remember the minimum spin bet is 40 cents.

You can access mobile play for Android/iOS too

If you do like the game, whether playing in demo or for real, you should check out the Fruit Bat Crazy mobile version. This is just as easy to play and means you can access the game on any device you have available.