Fire Dragon Slots

Fire Dragon Slots
We guess it depends on whether you appreciate a slot based around martial arts. Yes, this is not about a dragon at all, or indeed about fire, come to that. The title may seem a strange choice here, but when we reveal it is based on a Jackie Chan movie of the same name, all becomes clear.

This slot is also the next in a series of games based around this famous guy. If you have tried Eagle Shadow Fist or indeed the Fantasy Mission Force slots already, this is your chance to try the third in the series.

About the game

Fire Dragon is inspired by the movie that used that same title. Jackie Chan was not a main star of this movie, according to our research, but it is still strongly associated with him. We can expect him to appear in this slot too.

Which slot game developer developed Fire Dragon?

We are pleased to reveal the creator is none other than RTG. Real Time Gaming is, of course, the developer behind the other two Jackie Chan slots, so it makes sense they would be creating this one too. They are also well-known developers of other titles including Count Spectacular, Fucanglong, and Scuba Fishing.

Will there be any demo play?

You can rest assured you will get the chance to play the Fire Dragon slot without spending a penny to do so. The demo versions of their games are always fully featured, giving you a chance to check them out before deciding whether they are ideal for you to play.

Fire Dragon theme

The martial arts theme is once again used well in this slot. You can also expect to spot some ninjas sliding down ropes during one portion of the game. Read more of our review to find out exactly when they might appear…

Game design details

We like the design, especially with the detailed greenery and mountains soaring into the background. Closer to you, you’ll see a shack, and it is inside this shack that the reels appear. However, if you manage to score the free games feature, you will see the background changing to reveal a golden setting for the reels to appear in. Meanwhile, the background also reveals a hint of some temple steps – at least, that’s what it looks like.

Slot game type

If you hadn’t already guessed, the Fire Dragon slot offers five reels to spin. You can also expect a free spin bonus, although there are no other bonuses to watch for during play. The game can also be referred to as a progressive jackpot slot. Instead of having an isolated jackpot, it is linked to the jackpots on offer in the first two Jackie Chan titles.

If you are hoping the game has a wild icon, it does. Jackie himself takes on this role. You get a scatter too, shaped as a white ninja mask. Unusually, you cannot hope to secure any scatter prizes with this. It does, however, trigger some free games if three should appear.

Does the slot use paylines?

Yes, and it has 20 of them to offer you. They are not fixed either, meaning you will get the chance to decide which quantity to play with each spin. With variable paylines, it is usually best to try and play the lot with a smaller line bet in place. That will suit your budget and give you the chance to cover all the lines.

Betting options to think about

Several coin options will be provided in the game. Consider them all carefully before you begin. Each line takes only one coin. The simple controls for adjusting the value of your coin will appear underneath the reels.

Details provided on the paytable

Everything you need to know about the game will be provided on the paytable. You can expect to see all the available icons here that could appear as you spin the reels. All the special icons that have a greater role to play will be shown as well, along with the nature of their roles.

What about the chance of finding a bonus round?

There is no chance of that here – you will only be able to play for the chance of getting some free spins, as we mention shortly.

What about free spins?

There are some of these that could be won. To get to them, you must find three of the white ninja masks on the reels at the same time. These scattered masks will then lead to a short scene showing the ninjas in action. They end up scattering smoke bombs everywhere, but following the big puff of smoke, your 10 free games will materialize.

As always, prizes in these spins are worked out as per your triggering bet. They will be calculated automatically whenever they appear. It is good to know that those scatters can turn up during the freebies too. Find three more and 10 more free games will be added to the amount you currently have left.

Game RTP details

These will be noted once the game is released into the online casinos.

Our slot game rating

Once we get the chance to play the Fire Dragon slot upon its release, we will assess the game and calculate our own rating. Will it beat our ratings for the Eagle Shadow Fist slot and the Fantasy Mission Force slot? We wonder.

Slot game winners to look out for

The main thing to be aware of in the Fire Dragon slot is the presence of a progressive jackpot. While some such jackpots are restricted to the games they appear in, this one is linked with the other Jackie Chan titles in the series from RTG. As such, you never know how large the jackpot could grow before one player manages to scoop it. According to the info we have, the jackpot should reset to a value of $5k once someone has won it.

Play for fun to find your feet

The Fire Dragon slot will be released with a demo version available for practice play. This is good to know because you might want to try it before you start playing with any proper bets in action.

Consider the option to play for real money if you wish

Most casinos will offer both methods for playing the game. If you try it and like it, this will likely be considered as your next action. Always consider setting a budget before getting started, though.

You could also try Fire Dragon mobile play for Android/iOS

Regardless of whether you prefer playing on a smartphone or a tablet, you can use devices on either platform to try Fire Dragon slots. You can, of course, also play on a computer if you wish.