Eastern Dragon Slots

Eastern Dragon is a light, entertaining video slot that uses an Asian theme to present a game that's slick, classy, and fun to play. Plus, you can win a decent amount of cash playing it, which is always important with a good casino game. The Eastern Dragon theme is really more about things America associates with Asia than anything overtly Asian itself, but the game contains plenty of surprises, mostly in the form of really cool animation that kind of takes you unawares when it launches - more about that later. Feature-wise, the game has more than enough to keep you busy, including Wild symbols, cool Scatters, and a Free Spins round that really rakes in the coins.

Way of the Dragon

Easter Dragon is a straightforward video slot, and doesn't have any hardcore features that would scare off a new user. As such, it's easy to get a grip on. You'll be looking at five reels, each covered with a random assortment of the same bunch of Asian symbols. Now, there are 20 pay lines that zigzag their way across the five reels. Some are straight, some bounce from position to position. To play Eastern Dragon Slots, you spin the reels and try to get matching symbols to align along one of your pay lines. You don't have to play all 20 - just as many as you feel like. Each line costs a single coin per spin, and adding more lines simply increases the odds of hitting something on each spin.

Asian Location

The symbol set used in Eastern Dragon begins with a standard set of cards such as you would find in any game of this kind. They're worth between 100 and 300 coins, and require at least 3 in a row to win. The rest of the symbols will pay out if only two of them form up, which is handy for building up your wins. The symbols are the Lotus Flower, the Fire Crackers, the Paper Lamp and the Khoi, which is the game's top prize, and can pay out up to $30,000!

Ancient Dragon Bonuses

This game features an excellent bonus feature which is triggered by the Eastern Dragon itself. The symbol is Wild, but that's not the only cool thing about it: it's also a multiplier. When the Eastern Dragon appears on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously, this triggers the game's Free Spins feature, giving you 15 free spins of the reels. But because the Dragon is a multiplier, all of your winnings during the free rounds are tripled!