Pirate's Paradise Slots

The Vegas style game known as Pirate's Paradise Slots is sure to bring out the soupcon of pirate that dwells within us all. This three reel, one-payline game is popular in every online casino that proudly hosts Microgaming software, and is classic in its simplicity. The theme of the game is rather self-explanatory. A group of pirates has left behind stores of treasure on a remote yet pleasant island guarded by a group of three birds that resemble parrots. The graphics for Pirate's Paradise Slots are cheerful and bright, and depict the various theme specific symbols with true designer aplomb.

Ship Ahoy! Pirate Themed Reel Symbols Await!

Reel symbols for the game include Palm Trees, a Treasure Chest filled with jewels, a Skull and Crossbones Pirate Flag, a large Seashell, and a Double Bar, a Palm Tree, a Single Bar, and a Triple Bar to round out the variety. The backdrop for the reels is a tropical island, also in keeping with the Pirate theme. Blue sky and ocean, hot yellow sun, and brightly colored birds grace this area. Pirate's Paradise Slots also has awesome sound and background effects that make this virtual pirate world almost seem to come to life as you enjoy the game. However, if you prefer to have silence in order to concentrate on the game, Pirate's Paradise Slots offers a mute button.

Classic Slots - Modern Jackpots

Since Pirate's Paradise Slots is considered to be a classic slot, it does not have game features such as bonus games, multipliers, scatter symbols, wild symbols, or free spins. However, the game more than makes up for this lack of extras by offering the opportunity for players to win a top jackpot of $12,500 when placing the maximum bet of $15 per spin. There is a second, smaller jackpot of 1000 coins. Players may bet the minimum of $0.25 to spin the reels for lesser prizes. There is a limit of three coins per bet, and coin sizes for the game also include $0.50, $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00.

Enjoy this Slots Classic Today

The Pay Table for Pirate's Paradise Slots makes it easy for players to determine which reel icons are the most valuable. Three treasure chest symbols on the payline equals the top jackpot as long s the appropriate bet has been placed. Players may practice this slots game for fun in order to get a good feel for it before placing bets with real money.