FREE Casino Video Slots

It may be enough to call online gamblers to video slots because of the quality graphics, enjoyable play and potential payouts. But when you add "free" to the mix and advertise free casino video slots you are almost assuring that players will light up their computers trying to win! It's important to understand the key difference between video slots and reel slots. Many online games appear to have reels because they "spin" and settle on certain symbols (FREE spin slots). The "reels" are just images that offer more combinations than mechanical reels on slot machines. The casino is able to offer more bonus and jackpot options because of the increased number of possible combinations. You may find some online games imitate reel slots very well, especially if they have three reels and only one pay line. This is traditional slot-machine design. In addition, you may see some of the classic fruit symbols and coloured bars on these basic machines.

Free is Good

To paraphrase a line from the movie Good Morning Viet Nam, "Funny is good." That is certainly true, as long as what is said is really funny. Free is good to, as long as it is really free. As we mentioned earlier, slots fans are drawn to online play by nice graphics, great payouts and, of course, the convenience of being able to play on their home computer. But what about this "free" concept? If you make a quick search for free casino video slots you will find dozens of sources for this type of play. Some sites offer free-play slots right on the home page. You can practice/try out free video slots without choosing a casino. Other portal sites provide reviews of casinos that offer video slots with free play. If you are really interested in playing video slots within a casino site, for free, you will be able to find plenty of opportunities for this. Liberty Slots Casino and All Slots Casinoare two good sources for free video slots but there are dozens available. If you decide you want to play free video slots you may be able to enjoy most or all of the slots games with the casino's flash version. You can also download the full version to your computer and start playing with free credits. Be careful at this point, though. Some sites offer free slots games on their main page but only present an image of the slot's main screen. You will have to actually go to the casino site to play. Some sites actually have live links to individual free games, some of which take you into a casino while others are links to a single game only.

But, no matter how you get to your free casino video slots game, you should have enough credits to give the game a try and learn a little about how to get the most from that game. Then you can make your decision to play for real money, knowing you have more information than you did before. (You had fun learning, too!)