Pirates Slots

Yo! Ho! Ho! and a bottle of rum! Pirates is a fantastic video slot with a swashbuckling theme. After wall, what's not to like about Pirates? Sailing the high seas, plundering ships and making off with the booty, and then partying non stop on stolen rum. Pirates gives you an opportunity to enjoy this lifestyle vicariously without all the scurvy and limb amputation. It's a fun game with clean, heavily stylized graphics, a free spins feature, a Treasure Hunt bonus game and a $5,000 top jackpot. With the top prize only four figures, this isn't a game for high rollers, but makes up for its lack of bling with hugely entertaining game-play and more regular payouts. Don't miss it. Play Pirates Slots now!

Cutlasses At the Ready, Boys

Pirates is a penny slot, and as such was designed to be easy to play. You should have no trouble plundering it. If you're new to video slots, the idea is to spin the five reels in the hopes of getting the symbols on them to align with each other. Unlike classic three reel slots, they don't need to line up along the center line. Rather, Pirates has a total of 20 different lines that you can bet on. You can be old school and just play the center line, or live on the edge and activate all 20. Each line that you add will cost one coin, and gives you that extra chance to hit a winning combination.

The Skull and Crossbones

One of the things that we like about this game is that the designers didn't pad the reels with card symbols. Every icon in the game is unique - you can expect to see things like the Jolly Roger, or Hooked Hand, a Cutlass, the Treasure Map, and many more symbols besides. One of the most useful symbol is in the game is the Pistol - keep your eye fixed on the horizon for it to turn up, because it acts rather like the blank tile in Scrabble: it can be anything. When you're one symbol short of a winning combination, having the Pistol turn up is just fantastic.

Bonus Booty

Pirates features a free spins feature which triggers when 3 or more pirate ship symbols appear anywhere on the reels. This land you up to 20 free spins, depending on how many ships appear. There's also a Treasure Hunt bonus round which triggers when the Bonus symbol lands an active pay line. In this game, you must sail from island to island hunting for treasure. Some islands are loaded with cash, and others have none. The game continues, adding gold to your coffers, until you pick an island with no booty on it, at which point you bounce back to the main game again.