Mexican Slots

If you love trawling the internet for classic three reel slots games, try this one for size. It’s the Mexican Slots game and it has a different look to some of the other slots games you will have seen elsewhere online. Download and play Mexican Slots to see how it works for you.

Three reels and a single payout line keep things simple

This is how the game is played – with just three reels to spin and no multiple paylines to concentrate on. Depending on what shows up on those three reels and what lines up according to the table on the left, this shows you what you will win.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

Some online slots machines have as many as five columns with varying payout amounts in them. The Mexican Slots game has three columns, so once again things are kept very simple. If you want a chance of winning the amounts listed in the left hand column, you need to bet fifty cents as your minimum bet. Each bet you place is worth fifty cents and a maximum of three lines means you will bet $1.50 per spin.

Symbols with a Mexican theme

You’ll spot lots of symbols with a Mexican twist to them when you start playing this game. For example, the chillies and the cacti will get you the lowest payouts but you only need one symbol on the left hand side to rack up a win. And at the top end of the game three Mexican ladies will win you the jackpot relevant to the number of fifty cent bets you placed on that spin.

Understanding the difference between credits and cents

You’ll notice that when you line up one pile of chillies on the left hand reel, you win six credits if you gambled three credits to begin with. The amount that appears in the ‘win’ window on the game itself is $3.00. This is because each credit is worth fifty cents – hence fifty cents times six is $3.00. Make sure you have this distinction right in your head as you play – it makes life a lot easier.

Download and play for free before betting with real money

Give the Mexican Slots game a try now and see whether you like it or not before playing with real cash. And see if you can find those ladie