Slot Century Slots

Slot Century is a five wheel game that's built to celebrate 100 years of slot machines. Believe it or not, video slot games have really been with us for that long, although they haven't changed much in that time. Did you know that the original slot machines, invented in the 1890s, were five reel devices? The 3 reel switch came much later. While it respects the original fruity themes, Slot Century has many features that the original machines didn't have, such as Wilds and Scatters, a fantastic bonus game with a fortune wheel, and a huge $200,000 top prize! Try out Slot Century today and celebrate over 100 years of reel-based games. You'll find it available for free download at most good online casinos, and many will actually allow you to play the game live online.

New School Skin, Old School Rules

The game may have the slick look of a modern video slot, but in keeping with its roots, it plays just like the original games: drop in some coin and spin the reels. The key difference here is that the coin size isn't fixed. You get to define what each coin is worth, and you can set it anywhere between 5c and $20, making this a great title both for slots beginners and high rollers. Next, decide how many lines you'd like to play - it's possible to activate up to 5 pay lines, giving you extra chances to catch a winning combination.

Classic Looks

Most of the symbol set for this game is made up of classic fruit machine icons. Starting from the bottom, expect to see Cherries, Lemons, Oranges and Plums, worth between 50 and 100 coins, and each requiring at least 3 symbols to trigger a win. After this it gets easier, because the rest of the symbols only need 2 symbol combos to pay out. The upper end of the pay scale contains the Leaf, the Horseshoe, the Liberty Bell and the Diamond - worth a payout of 10,000 coins!

Bonus Century

Another feature that this game has that wasn't available 100 years ago is the bonus round. This triggers when 3 Carnival Wheel symbols show up anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 simultaneously. In this game, you get to have three goes at spinning a giant wheel of fortune, and cumulatively adding the results to your bank roll. There's no way to lose this round, it's just free money all the way!