Oranges and Lemons Slots

If you like bright colors and citrus fruits, Microgaming's Oranges and Lemons Slots will please you in both its theme as well as its simplicity. Oranges and Lemons Slots is a classic, Vegas type slot game with three reels and one payline. Fruit is the theme here, and the sunny hues of the chosen fruits lend a festive air of fresh air and California citrus grove sunshine to the game. Have you ever picked a fresh lemon or orange from a tree? You'll come close to that feeling of wonder when you play to win with Oranges and Lemons Slots.

Pure Juice - Not from Concentrate

Players delight in the easy to remember group of reel symbols used in Oranges and Lemons Slots. These symbols include Oranges, Lemons, Red Bars, Green Bars, Blue Bars and a Gold Bell. Several bet amounts are allowed in the game: $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00. There are nine winning combinations possible when playing Oranges and Lemons Slots, and the maximum number of coins allowed per spin is two. It is a good idea to play the maximum two coins in order to have a better chance at the top prizes this slots classic has to offer. The smallest bet that will allow you the opportunity to win the game's top jackpot is $0.50, while the maximum bet for Oranges and Lemons Slots is $10.00.

Jackpots to Remember with Oranges and Lemons Slots

Let's say you have decided to bet two $5.00 coins per line. If three Orange symbols settle on the payline, you can win the top jackpot of 5000 coins, which translates into $25,000 US dollars. The second largest jackpot may be had if you have bet one coin, and three Orange symbols pop up. The amount of this one is 2000 coins or $10,000 US dollars. The smallest jackpot is 200 coins or $1000 US dollars, and it can be yours if you have bet two coins per line and three of the Lemon reel symbols appear on the payline.

The Wild Symbol

Players should be aware than the Orange reel symbol is also the Wild symbol in this classic video slot. It will substitute for any of the other reel symbols in the game, and is very helpful in producing winning combinations. One Orange symbol in a winning combo can net players double prizes, while two of the Orange symbols can quadruple your winnings. One Lemon reel symbol and two Orange reel symbols can equal a prize of 800 coins or a big $40,000 prize. Your mother always told you that fruits were good for you, and you will be convinced of that when playing Oranges and Lemons Slots!