Bubble Bubble Slots

There are lots of good slot games that you can try in your lifetime and have a good time, but Bubble Bubble is still one of our favorite holiday-themed slots to this day. Even with the release of the sequel, we still thoroughly going back and playing through a few rounds of Bubble Bubble. If you aren't familiar with this slot game, it's essentially a game about a sexy witch and all her ghoulish potion ingredients. The game looks nice, it plays nice and it offers a pretty good blend of features as well. Read on to see our full review of this slot classic and find out if the game is worth trying or not for you specifically.

Spooky Animations and Sounds

Bubble Bubble might be an older slot game, but the creators went to great lengths to make this slot stand out. It features a selection of spooky sounds and animations that will continue to sound and show up on the reels every single time that you spin. From the spooky graveyard setting in the background, to the creepy bats flying around in the distance or the owl staring back at you as you spin, there's a lot to take in on this slot game, and that's what we love about it.

50 Fixed Paylines

When playing the original Bubble Bubble you are forced to wager on all 50 of the paylines with every spin that you make. That doesn't mean you don't have a good betting range to work with though. Even though you have to wager on all 50 lines, you can still go down to a minimum amount of just $0.50 per spin. You are free to go up to a staggering $500.00 per spin as well, making this slot one of the most generous games when it comes to maximum wager size. If you're a rich gambler that wants to risk thousands on a slot, you can do just that with Bubble Bubble by setting the payline values properly.

Winni the Witch

Winni the Witch is the main feature in Bubble Bubble that you want to be on the lookout for. This attractive witch can show up on a single space on a reel, or she can take over the entire reel. She will triple any standard payout that you unlock with her help, and when you get a full reel covered in this wild you have a very good chance at winning some excellent prize payouts. Winni shows up on the reels frequently and will be a key tool that you rely on to win big. She even multiplies the value of scatter symbols, taking the highest scatter win from a paltry 33x your total wager amount to an impressive 99x your wager amount.

Good Solid Prize Payouts

There are some pretty substantial prize payouts that you can unlock while playing Bubble Bubble, and unsurprisingly they all involve Winni the Witch. You can win up to 3,000 coins on a single spin with a five cat combination that includes Winni. You can win the same prize payout with a five crow combination including Winni. If that's not enough for you, you can also unlock a 999 coin prize payout from five frogs, books or pumpkins along with Winni in the combination. That's a lot of different ways to unlock good paying prizes from Bubble Bubble, which is one of the reasons we love playing this slot game so much.

Setting Your Speed

Few slot games are customizable, but Bubble Bubble offers speed options to help you set up your own custom experience. Choose from one of three different speed options by pressing the speed button before you turn the reels. As you press the button you will notice a skeleton hand holding up between one and three fingers. One is slow, two is medium and three is fast. One finger is a relaxed spin that takes time showing off the animations. Two fingers is like a normal spin that briefly shows the animations before stopping. Three fingers doesn't show the animation at all, and enables you to go through countless spins very quickly.

Lots of Bonus Opportunities

We love have different bonus games to look forward to when playing a slot game, and Bubble Bubble offers several different bonus opportunities. There are actually three different special bonuses that you can unlock while playing this slot game, and they are all triggered by getting three or more of the scatter symbols while you spin the reels.

Wild Witches

In Wild Witches you'll see a whole lot more of Winni the Witch. This is one of the bonus features that can trigger after you get three or more of the scatter symbols. Get those symbols and you'll enjoy 9 free spins where Winni has a chance to appear more frequently. Anytime she shows up on the reels, she will cast a spell and show up in one or two additional locations. It's possible for Winni to completely take up three full reels of this slot game if you are lucky enough, which can result in some incredible prize winning combinations.

Great Ghosts

After getting three or more scatter symbols, there is a chance that you'll trigger the Great Ghosts feature. This special feature gives you a series of free spins where ghost wild symbols are added to the reels. After every single spin that you make the ghosts will fly around and land on the reels randomly. These wilds can help you get bigger and better wins and you'll enjoy winning more often with help from these wild symbols as well.


Finally, there is the Bewitched feature, which is the last of the different bonus features. During this bonus feature you get 7 free spin bonus games, and Winni the Witch takes up the central reel during every single one of those spins. You'll be likely to get lots of wins during this bonus game, which is why it's so exciting to play through.

Bubble Bubble is our favorite Halloween themed slot game for an umber of reasons. It's possible to win some massive prize payouts as you play the slot game and you'll find yourself looking forward to the many different ways that you can win as you play along. On top of that, it's also possible to unlock a bunch of different special features. You can literally keep the features coming again and again and trigger a bunch of different prize payouts as you play the slot. You'll have lots to look forward to while playing this slot, and that makes the game worthwhile.