Casino Slots

When you play casino slots online you've got lots of choices at your bidding. Let's take a look at some of the opportunities you'll find when you start playing online.

Single line slots

If you know about the traditional one arm bandit style slot machine, this is what is called a single line slot machine. This is because there is only one line to play with each spin.

Multi line slots

Multi line slots are good if you want more than three reels in play. Typically you will get four or five reels and you get to choose whether you want to play one or more lines each time. For example if a game has twenty paylines you can bet on as many as all twenty if you wish.

Fruit slots

This is another term more typically given to casino slots that use three reels. They are so called because the symbols appearing on each line are usually of various fruits. You match up the fruits to win a prize playing fruit slots

What are progressive slots?

Some people love progressive slots because they offer potentially much bigger payouts. All the slot games on a single site can be part of the progressive slots jackpot. A slice of the winnings from each game is put towards the progressive jackpot total, which can get very big at times.

People love playing progressive slots because there is always the chance of grabbing a huge jackpot.

What are tournament slots?

Tournaments are available for lots of players to enter into together. Instead of playing slots on your own you can enter a tournament with the hope of winning the overall jackpot. Some of the tournaments require an entry fee, while others do not.

To download or not to download?

Some online slot games can be played without having to download anything onto your computer - instantly played slots. Others require you to download the appropriate software before you can play.

If you do opt to download, make sure the site is a trusted one and does not download adware or spyware as well.

Your best choice of online slots games

Whether you play slots for free or you play slots for money and prizes, you can see that there are lots of casino slots to choose from. Try them all to discover your favorites, and then stick with them to have the best time ever.

Where to Play Casino Slots