Jewel Quest Slots

For a unique slot game experience, play Jewel Quest slots. This online slot machine provides five levels as you work through the bonus slot game. Toss aside all thoughts of this being a classic slot game. It's completely unlike anything you've ever experienced in an online casino.

Game play in Jewel Quest slots is certainly different. It may seem daunting at first, but use play money while you learn the rules and you'll have no problem after that. Once you're ready to wager real money, you'll never want to stop playing Jewel Quest slots.

How Jewel Quest Slots Works

The Jewel Quest slots grid is a 6 tile by 10 tile rectangle. Place your bet $1 to $500 and click play. Your bet is deducted from your casino account and game play begins. A number of artifacts and gems fall into the grid. Any time the symbols match in rows or columns of three or more, you win some cash and the tile turns golden. Existing symbols drop down into empty spots and new symbols appear on the top until the grid is refilled. The pattern continues until there are not more matches of three or more.

At this point, you'll need to hit play again. Your bet is deducted from your account again, new tiles drop down and the process of matching tiles begins again. Once you've completely filled the Jewel Quest slots grid with gold, you earn a bonus reward and the next level begins.

Payouts for Jewel Quest Slots

The paytable for Jewel Quest slots is huge. You earn money for matches of three or more. There are 11 symbols in all.

  • Orange mask or gold coin - Up to 60
  • Diamond gemstone or clay mask - Up to 100
  • Black mask - Up to 200
  • Blue mask or red gemstone- Up to 300
  • Blue gemstone - Up to 500
  • Green gemstone - Up to 1,000
  • Yellow gemstone - Up to 2,000

Head to Your Favorite Cryptologic Casino

You'll find Jewel Quest slots at our favorite Cryptologic Casinos: InterCasino, VIP Casino, Bet365 Casino or 888 Casino.

Once you play Jewel Quest slots, you'll be hooked. It's such a unique premise that you'll never be satisfied playing classic slots like Lucky Sevens again.

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